how do i upload my custom goo balls and levels ?

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sorry I am new to the site would like to upload custom stuff I made I do not know my way around this site that good yet lol but would like to Laughing out loud

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Welcome to Goofans! Hover your mouse at the World of Goo Addin (beside GooTool and Developers) and at the last you see 'Upload an Addin'. Click on that And you can post your custom stuff there.

It will go through a mod test too see if its okay or not. If its okay it will be published here.

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OK thanks! For the help once i get on a computer again i shall do that Laughing out loud seems fair enough cool thanks again.

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You might have to wait a bit before it's published, there hasn't been much testing going on recently. Once I get back (I'm on a bit of a trip right now) I'll try and make time for more testing, but yeah there's a bunch of addins in the queue so sorry if it takes a while.

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i havent published any thing yet because im using my phone but all is good things can not always be done straight away.