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The Yosemite Travel

Why go near the mountain when you can climb it!
These gooballs want to explore the depths of yosemite!

Egging Up

This is basically slightly modified version of going up...with a simple catch. You'll see what I mean.

This kind of explains the level, so if you don't really want to know what the catch is, then don't read ahead. Okay? Cool.

I put this as a sample level, as its a way to use thin geometry as an gimmick to the level. In this case, there's a thin gap between the ground and the ballbuster part. This is why when you drop an egg from a certain height, it'll "crack". That's really it.

WoG: Other Lands Chapter 2 Preview!
Coming Soon...

For those of you wanting to see Chapter 2 of WoG: Other Lands (, I've decided to post a preview of my new chapter! Which will have:
- Custom Music (made by moi)
- Custom Gooballs (I'm planning to make 2 or 3)
- More stages (Like 11 or 12)
- Harder Challenges

Chapter 2 Trailer:

See ya'll soon! Smile


It is the first level of my upcoming Chapter.
Degree of difficulty: Trivial
Inspired by Small Divide

Deseptor's artifacts
my lizard skelotin i found IRL, a few days before the release date of this addin.

just like the ivory dice, there are 2 more treasures i found IRL, the lizard skelotin, and Chomper Beetle, all of which are inthis level. evidince pics again.THE MUSIC IS BALDIS BASICS IN EDUCATION AND LEARNING!

Climb The Mountain

This addin - is one of levels from my upcoming chapter. I hope you will like it!

MOM's Computer
Shotrcut to MOM

MOM's Computer

Rewrite this level with HTML5,compile with nw.js.
MOM is copied from goofans & mygod.

How to play

Drag the goo balls to reach the 'Shortcut to MOM' icon.

Changes log[2018/5/24]
Inital version.


Because file upload limit,I upload files to Github.
Please download txt file in goofans,too.Thanks.

Music Park
The piano in the center.

gooey goo suggested a music themed level, and why not a [music] park? (this is from Mario Kart)

The goal is to get the new "mushroom" goo ball into the pipe! (mushroom only) There is another new goo ball, attachable_uglyproduct which is to protect from one of the pillars with the flame, then destroy the door with mushrooms, and head to the pipe!

OCD is 17 moves. If you can study about the new goo balls, good for you! Smile

Oh, and piece of trivia, the mushroom goo ball's color changes depending on it's state.

Junk File
in the chapter 1

There are three kinds of gooballs in this level from mygom, copcap and wogfan and This is my first level,welcome to play;D

Summer Festival
Start of level

It is not yet that near summer, but I would like to post because I haven't done anything here...

Anyway, this is just a simple level, and with the help of the sign painter, you can complete the level! There are two new balls, RinIdolMOM and RinIdol. Those are the only accepted gooballs in the pipe.

You'll hear a screaming sound when the MOM ball pops. Wink