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Black and White

Black and White is my second chapter. It is also the first chapter I have created with gg. It has 12 levels and a hidden level called “Eeyore” that later appeared on Woody Mountain. This chapter went down once because the name of the intro level “Going Down” was already taken by another addin author and twice when the intro level again crashed. It is the first chapter to be moderated by MoM4Evr.

Single levels

“From The Void”

“The Noir Bomb”

Idea of the chapter

Fixed Pulley
Fixed Pulley

Heavy Lifting.

Goal: 16 balls
OCD: 25 balls

The Jungle Part1

My first custom chapter
it has 5 levels
Graceful Failure
Spiky way

Vol. 3:(Sandy World For Goo-660)

Vol. 3:(Sandy World For Goo-660) is my third official chapter. The chapter is one of the easiest chapters to play by a regular WoG player. This is where my levels kind of started to evolve but this is where gg only contributed 3 images. A person I’d like to hide in the name Starrstudent helped me out but to this day, he never joined goofans. I have no Idea who moderated this chapter but for the chapters after this, I know MoM4evr is responsible for publishing my addins. This is the first chapter I haven’t released single levels.


Bridge builder
Bridge Builder

EN:An easy level,hope you like it!Smile
My first level.
EN:-V0.1:First version,full of mistakes.(OCD 25 balls)Sad
-V0.1+:Correct "material""verysticky"(OCD 25 balls)
-V3.1415926...:Shorten the pipe,OCD 3 minutes 59 seconds
-V3.5:Delete "walkable" tag,OCD 3min 30sec.
EN:Have fun!Laughing out loud
CN:希望你玩的开心!Laughing out loud

Get Moving

Wow, its been a while since I published my last level (Up in the Sky) back in April. But anyways, here is an interesting level that I made that I'll bet you'll like. It involves building down to the pipe using fuse gooballs while a fire is approaching (pretty much like Super Fuse Challenge Time). Enjoy!

Cartoony Gooballs
cartoony balls beauty school screenshot

After adding the DNA of various cartoon TV show characters, the Goo Balls now look like cartoons! (black outlines, solid color, etc.) If splats are changed for a ball, they will have this symbol if their splat has been changed: -=) (because it looks like a splat) and this if the detachstrand has been changed: =--

This changes the following gooballs:

Break Out
Version 2.0

Version 0.1

Just a silly idea I had while I was investigating a couple of things for WoG Editor.
Mind the Red Ones!

Version 2.0

In collaboration with XDBoy... now ... BETTER!
"You have to let go of the Paddle!"

@Linux 64bit users : Let me know what happens when you finish the level! Wink

Version 2.1

Tweaked the graphics layout and improved 4:3 and 16:9 sizes

Tower Of Goo Limited
Moveing Ground

My thrid interesting level.
How to build a tower on moveing island?
May be challenging...

Enjoy moveing ground! Smile

The secound version has been uploaded.

In this version I changed OCD to 16 goos (but 19 is possible).
And... there are no supporting balls up...
I hope that small change makes this level more difficult

Steak Sauce
Steak Sauce 1.2... It tastes GOOd(tm)!

Another "Save the Goo"- type level. Get the goo out of the steak sauce and into the pipe.

OCD 15 seconds. Version 1.1: OCD 25 goo balls.

First level that I used water. I don't completely understand it, as I just copied it from another level. Laughing out loud

Version 1.1
* Wood table serves as background/floor
* Music! Laughing out loud
* Changed positions of signposts
* Added a goo ball to make an even 25 balls possible to collect.
* Easier to complete (ballsrequired set to eight)

Version 1.2
* Better graphics