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BenMon, 06/21/2010 - 13:147.91m971 hour 6 min
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Garbage Dump

This shouldn't have taken that long, I know I've been away for a while. Wink
Version 0.8 because it's not totally perfect yet, please comment on how to make it better. Also I want to know how to do two things in the level:
Make the goo cans actual objects so they are "tippable"
Make the clouds feel like clouds
One more thing: now I will be putting id's as my own domain, not goofans'.

Major problem!


The blockhead is actually a disguised signpost... :D

Get the goo out of the (conveniently) topless cage! 15 required, 23 for OCD.

Also, I am bad with POIs, so could somebody explain them, or direct me to a link about them? I would like to direct the camera to specific points in this level.

New in version 1.1:

* strandgeom=true
* Another "disguised" signpost
* Level is bigger lengthwise
* Expected goos and OCD are less.
* Blockhead moved

Steak Sauce

Steak Sauce 1.2... It tastes GOOd(tm)!

Another "Save the Goo"- type level. Get the goo out of the steak sauce and into the pipe.

OCD 15 seconds. Version 1.1: OCD 25 goo balls.

First level that I used water. I don't completely understand it, as I just copied it from another level. Laughing out loud

Version 1.1
* Wood table serves as background/floor
* Music! Laughing out loud
* Changed positions of signposts
* Added a goo ball to make an even 25 balls possible to collect.
* Easier to complete (ballsrequired set to eight)

Version 1.2
* Better graphics

Fire! (Hard Version)

Fire Hard Version -- What Little You Have to Save More Goo

This is the hard version of the Fire level I published a few days ago.
This is the hardest level I've made so far. The only reason I published this is because I know it's possible and people wanted something harder.
Level description:

A pretty hard level. You must safely get out 20 sleeping ivy gooballs without the balloons popping or the balls exploding from the fire. This is the hard version of "Fire!".

Fire! (Easy Version)

Fire Easy Version -- Around the Pipe

This is my fourth level and the first time I get to do a fire level that actually makes sense... Laughing out loud
Description from level:

This fairly easy level where you must safely get out 35 ivy gooballs without the balloons popping or the balls exploding from the fire. Use all the resourced you have: Balloons, Bones, and Ivy. (Sounds poetic.) Try to make the most of all the goo ya got.

If you think it's too easy, see the harder version of "Fire!" that will come out later.

No wireless pipe in this one, sorry. Smile

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology 1.5

Figure out which portal is the exit.
Originally, it was named "Through the Flames" (because I eventually want to make a level where you have to go through some fire), so that's why you see fire on the boundaries. I left it there because it looks cool.
This is my 3rd level.
Get at least 10 balls, or OCD 13 balls.


Better WP graphics
Bigger platform area
Less gooballs, but still possible to get ocd.

Save The Drool

Save the Goo (1.5)

Save all of the drool from the raging fire!

This is my first time using the fire element, anchor, and sleeping goo balls, and my second level. The first one was a joke. So this is actually a level where you have to do something.

I would've added a signpost but currently the "text" button on WooGLE is not showing on my computer. I re-installed the program several times but it's still not working. I'm using the latest version. The command prompt window says, "Text Resource None found locally or Globally." I'd appreciate some help on this, thanks.


* Signpost

Jedi Pipe.

People have found that the Pipe is strong in the Force. May the Force be with goo in this level.Smile

This is my first level. I made it similar to the sample one, only I changed the background image and a few other things.

This level was only supposed to be a joke, not something to do. Please don't put high standards to this level.


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