The Fakey Pipe and the Spikey Bar

The inspiration for this trap, came from a prototype level made by momo1526 which had 2 pipes and 2 levelexit's. It didn't work how he wanted it, but it gave me an idea.

Before you read on...
To understand how this trap works.. you should read [Wog Editor Reference : Multiple Exits and Pipes (Advanced)]

The Trap!

The mechanics of the trap are quite simple, although a bit fiddly to get just right.
View Trap Setup
The Spikey Bar is supported by the tiny rectangle (Latch) just below it.
The Latch is part of a compgeom object which also contains the Anchor_Support block... and there's an AnchorStickyInvisible Goo sitting on that.

The compgeom object is non-static and hinged. In this case I put the center point and the hinge in the same place, so that I could see how things would move by rotating the compgeom object in WoG Editor.

But that's it!

View Trap Triggered
When the lower exit is triggered, the Sucker (upper exit) pulls the Anchor Goo towards the center, the compgeom rotates, pulls the latch out from under the Spikey Bar.. and "Gotcha!"

Note: Normally the lower exit (the "Out of Order" pipe) would also collect Goos.
Because I didn't want that to happen in this level... I set the exit Filter to collect GooProduct only, so Ivys, Fuses and Commons will not go in. This means that NO Goo's can be collected in this level...ever!
Which is why I added the "targetheight" to the level, so there IS a way to finish.

I had to be a little careful about what happened after the trap was triggered, and if the exit closed and the sucking stopped.
I didn't want the latch block swinging back to its original position and getting in the way. So I adjusted the mass of the Anchor Support and the position of the hinge, to ensure that once it was triggered it would remain in the triggered position.

In v0.3 I removed the fire object that was covering the "workings" and put a big pipe graphic over it instead. I also put some geometry around the pipe, so the player wouldn't get caught on the top block, and also to make it easier to build up to the second pipe.
Also I set strandgeom = true (level root) so that you can't build through this new pipe, and strands don't try to attach to the AnchorStickyInvisible