Watch out for the....!

Just when you thought you were in the clear... a blooming great spikey wheel lands on you!

This trap is one of the most complicated and was one of the hardest to set up. Although I think there's a simpler way to do it.. which I might put in a later version of the level.

But for now....
View Trap Setup
There where several issues to consider when I was designing this trap ...
I want it to be triggered as soon as a Goo (balloon probably) comes out of the shaft
I want it to trigger no matter where (left - right) the Goo comes out
I don't want there to be any visible effect on the Goo when the trap is triggered

To cover these 3 things, the Trigger Bar rectangle seemed a good solution.
It's light (mass=1) so it doesn't affect the Goos, it's long and covers the whole shaft, and without an image it's invisible.

The problem is.. because it's so light, it can't do much... and because the Goo won't be going very fast, it doesn't have enough momentum to make very much happen.

View Trap Release (Part 1)

That's where the Thrower Field comes in. It's geomonly again, so doesn't work on the Goos, but it's also a "force" field, rather than a "gravity" field, so as soon as the trigger bar moves up into it, it gets chucked nice and fast, which is enough to make something happen.

View Trap Release (Part 2)

I wanted the Wheel to come from above, so the Pusher bar had to be nice and long and hinged above its center so it just hangs still to begin with.

The Ramp and Hurryup Field are just to guide the wheel and give it a bigger push... otherwise the goos have got up and out before the wheel arrives.

The final touch to this trap is the Quaker Goo (UtilEarthquake)
I got this idea from Product Launcher too...

The Quaker Goo is invisible and doesn't interact with anything and the player can't do anything with it...
What it does do... ALL it does in fact... is make the Earthquake sound when it dies.
The Pusher Bar is tagged as deadly.. so as soon as it moves the Goo dies and the rumbling sound begins... and moments later... Gotcha! Evil