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Experimental Land

I'm starting a big project - Experimental Land. It will contain many levels but now it's on development stage. You can download and play 7 levels.

List of levels

  • Strange Gravity
  • A Catchy Problem
  • Forward To The Past
  • Unwanted Visitors
  • Big Counter
  • Machine Genetica
  • The soundtrack for the chapter can be viewed here:

    Black and White 2

    Black and White 2 is my eleventh chapter, released on my original account and on Lzzy Wuzzy. It is the sequel to my second chapter, Black and White, which was released on 2014. This is my first chapter since 2016’s World of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel. Levels in this chapter are more difficult than the previous chapters i released except World of Tangram, which in my opinion is my hardest and most difficult chapter I have released throughout my entire Goofans tenure. A single level and a level pack was released in support of this chapter.

    Road Trip

    Here is my third chapter! It took me a while to complete it, but I managed to get it done. It features levels in three different areas: the beach, the mountains, and the valley. There is a road passing through each of them. Most of the levels have backgrounds that were hand-drawn by myself. I'm not the best artist, but I did the best I could. Hope you like it!

    Oh, and if there's a problem you notice in the chapter, let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can fix it.

    Levels in this chapter:

    A Spikey Beginning
    Firey Day
    Poisonous Water
    Through the Mountains

    The Red Parallel Universe

    The Red Parallel Universe is my twelfth chapter. The complete release was out on April 9, 2018 with cutscenes and everything else.
    It is a part of a very big map world view I'm developing right now.
    BTW, the chapter includes a ton of new music!
    Chapter 2 and 3 are on the way!

    AND, the official OST can be listened here.

    Single Levels:
    Released: April 1, 2018.

    This chapter surpassed the downloads of the previous one, Black and White 2.
    As of September 2018, this is now a sequel to The Red Mist.

    WOG: Code Red

    World Of Goo Code Red Is In Beta And Has 1 Chapter.

    Download Link:

    Special Thanks To Gooey Goo And Toxic Goo For Helping Me Along The Way

    Ver 1.0
    -Chapter 1 is released!
    -5 new levels!
    -5 new gooballs!
    Green Goo
    Red Goo
    Yellow Goo
    Blue Goo
    Security Goo

    Make Sure To Join The WOG Discord!
    enjoy Smile

    Googuy57 Island
    Googuy57 Island's Cover Art by .SkipKnot._2_2

    My very first chapter! It took me a while to figure out how to make a chapter, but I managed to create it after a while!

    This chapter originally had many issues, but thanks to gooey goo, he fixed the issues! So this chapter should no longer have any bugs or errors! I also learned from him on how to decrypt bin files in the chapter's levels. Thanks gooey goo! Big smile

    Big thanks to .SlipKnoT._2_2 for the awesome cover art for Googuy57 Island!

    Levels in this chapter:

    My First Level
    Down Below
    How to Build a Tower
    Bridge of Doom
    Going Up 2
    Beauty Contest

    The Mysterious Place

    My second chapter! There are about 9 levels in this chapter, and it is located in a mysterious place. I created the really cool background in Gimp, there are mountains in the background with a path leading to the summit, as well as to the beach!

    The Mysterious Place overrides Chapter 3, so the chapter takes place in the winter. But there weren't any snow in the levels, and I forgot to make the background look like winter, sorry about that! I would've overrided Chapter 1, but I hear thats a big bug, so I avoided that. At least the chapter itself is the main thing.

    World Of Goo: The Unknown World DEMO
    The Unknown World


    This is an unofficial version of World of Goo 2008

    Gooey Goo and Toxic Goo are VERY proud to present World of Goo: The Unknown World!
    A direct sequel to BOTH World of Goo 1/2 AND Lost In Paradise!

    Blue Haze

    Note: this chapter is difficult, and if you feel the same way, you can try part 2!!

    My first chapter, the story took place in a beautiful night, the first part of this chapter is my sun trilogy, Smile I have a big plan, but I am not sure the rest will be completed two chapters : p (Fortunately, Lihe is making the next chapter at an alarming rate, and it will probably be released this month, and it will have no less than 15Level and a full story )

    Level list:
    1. Night fell
    2. Inside the Moon

    World of Goo: After the Corporation
    World of Goo: After the Corp by Adrian122

    Im proud to present a 5-Chapter Mod: WoG After the Corp!
    This is my first addin that i uploaded to this site, i hope you enjoy it Tongue

    Currently, two chapter are done.

    Special thanks to:

    Toxic Goo, gooey goo, Fedor Ilyukhin (For making some custom music)

    Version 1.0

    -New Chapter 1!
    -23 New levels!
    -4 New Gooballs!

    Version 2.0

    -New Chapter 2!
    -23 New Levels!
    -7 New Gooballs!

    Newest patch (Ch1 1.7, Ch2 2.3)

    -Added goo cards to chapter maps!
    -Fixed crashing level (The Hangman)