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Vol. 3:(Sandy World For Goo-660)

Vol. 3:(Sandy World For Goo-660) is my third official chapter. The chapter is one of the easiest chapters to play by a regular WoG player. This is where my levels kind of started to evolve but this is where gg only contributed 3 images. A person I’d like to hide in the name Starrstudent helped me out but to this day, he never joined goofans. I have no Idea who moderated this chapter but for the chapters after this, I know MoM4evr is responsible for publishing my addins. This is the first chapter I haven’t released single levels.


Winter Wonderland
Front cover(main snapshot)

Winter Wonderland is my debut chapter. It is an eight-leveled chapter which has a winter themed environment. The chapter was moderated by movildima. He was the first moderator to release my chapters. Despite the lack of level production, Winter Wonderland maintained a good reference to a cool chapter containing the best gfx I made. As of October 2015, downloads for the chapter is more than 500, making it the second most downloaded chapter I have released.

WoG after 150 years

hello I come to present you my new future goomod
WoG after 150 years

after 150 years the planet of the goo is not in suitable conditions and they are going to look for a spaceship to go to a new planet and the old goocorp would be contaminated in a couple of years.(spoiler they are going to the moon and not to another planet but it is for something that will be seen much later)

Chapter 1 snow-filled mountains: has 8 new levels and 6 new goo
Chapter 2 the abandoned factory has 9 levels and 4 gooballs although I have done all the levels

WoG Planet Quarantine
Planet Quarantine

The gooballs have a disease, its your job to save them!

Have fun!

Made by yours truly, the woodlice under the rock.

More chapters will come in the future!

WOG: Code Red

World Of Goo Code Red Is In Beta And Has 1 Chapter.

Download Link:

Special Thanks To Gooey Goo And Toxic Goo For Helping Me Along The Way

Ver 1.0
-Chapter 1 is released!
-5 new levels!
-5 new gooballs!
Green Goo
Red Goo
Yellow Goo
Blue Goo
Security Goo

Make Sure To Join The WOG Discord!
enjoy Smile

World of Goo - "Underwater Journey" (old version)

Atention! before playing the chapter 1 of this mod you have to beat the level "Going Up" from the original chapter 1!
After a really long time, APerson and crew presents: World Of Goo Underwater Journey
Some fun levels based off underwater, some may be easy, and some more challenging, hope you enjoy playing this!

Due to the mod being
too heavy, here's the google drive link:

-Credits to: Fedor Ilyukhin for helping me with half of the mod

World Of Goo - Fight Against The Shopkeeper

World Of Goo - Fight Against The Shopkeeper BETA release here!
This is our complete mod with new chapters, levels, map world view, animations, sounds, musics, new balls and more!
To make this mod you must finish all levels of true World Of Goo and it doesn't work with other addins!

World of Goo - The Jorney Continues

Created by Monochrome and SerafimGWS, Compiled By Jim2102.
2nd Chapter is crashing, so we have only 1 chapter.
If what we with other people creating other mod with chapter named same (Route 0 ) because that mod not get continue.

World of Goo 1/2 (An Unofficial Sequel)
The even newer

This mod is in no way an official sequel to World of Goo

This is my very first chapter, and is soon to be part of a MWV! This addin contains:
-A new look for the MWV!
-A new first chapter!
-A new second chapter!
-A new third chapter!
-A new fourth chapter!
-17 new species of Goo!
-51 new levels!

Changes in Update 1.1, A.K.A The 1st Minor Update:
-Corrected "Mountian" to "Mountain"
-Changed update number "0.1" to "1.1"
-Changed title image for Chapter 1
-Renamed "Into Darkness" to "Into the Dark"

Changes in Update 2.0, A.K.A The Debugged Update:

World of goo Dyamond catchers DEMO

I cannot believe myself - I first merged 4 levels and it works! PLZ download the 1st beta version and check what levels are there. Rate only when I will make THE 3RD BETA VERSION NOT NOW cause then it's gona be more amazing and interesting! Just the thing is this:

Beta 1: 4 Merged levels.
Beta 2: 6 Levels in a chapter
Beta 3: 8 Levels in a chapter
Beta 4: All chapter
Final version: Chapter on the map world view.

Simple as goo pie to merge levels Wink