I'm back, without saying that i'm leaving.

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Hi again!
I was away from the forum for a while, because i found another game.
Oh, i see that the forum is not having a lot of posts, too bad..
Anyway, Hi!
I'll go to read the posts, OH MY THERE ARE A LOT OF STUFF TO READ!

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Welcome back! Smile


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Thank you for your comment..
can you please tell me what improntant things happened while i wasn't here?
Thank you..

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Hey kidkidaaa, welcome back! Not much really happened, apart from the fact that Little Inferno has been announced for release (at least for Windows) sometimes this winter and that you can preorder it now. We've been talking about it in the Little Inferno section so you can read about it there.

There are also some new forum rules, plus some goomod guidelines so you might want to check them out. We can't ban you if you don't follow them but they're just outlining the general practice you should follow.

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Thank you, Puggsoy.
But can i ask you something?
Why the forum has no a lot of posts as before?
About the rules, i'll read them today, if i got time, Ok?

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Well yeah, the forum isn't as busy as it could be, but that's OK. People have lives, doing other things, I'm rather busy myself but do check back every day. Sometimes a few discussions come up, we talk, stuff like that. But it's just natural, this is a small community, and it's to be expected that it isn't always busy. Don't worry though, I'm sure there'll be a few interesting discussions come up before too long.

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There's generally less traffic in the summer anyway, as people are off on vacation/doing stuff/keeping busy. I'm surprised there was as much traffic as there was earlier this summer.