Happy Easter!

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uhh! its the same time of year again! i would like to say happy easter to everybody on goofans! i am also new to this place. i hope you lot arent a boring lot.


Let's dance boys!

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Any moderators clever to solve this little puzzle?

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Clever enough to solve what puzzle? Point me at it and fire. And I'll casually ignore it. Laughing out loud

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I hope we aren't a boring lot either Wink Anyway welcome to GooFans and happy Easter!

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so you moderators didn't work it out yet?

hint: email

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Aha, I see now. Nicely done, I didn't suspect a thing. Kind of random though Tongue

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i was just trying to test your mind.
anyways happy easter goofans!

make sure everybody to check my youtube channel and subscribe to it in the signature! i will try to play a easter map soon!