Going to be busy with stuff.

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Summer vacation is over where i live. I'm going back to school tomorrow, so i won't be here as often, or maybe not come here at all because of schoolwork. I don't know when i'll come back.

Users I'll miss the most:
Gooey goo

You guys are like the best people i ever saw.

Hopefully when i come back,papl and the other guys will stop chasing me around the internet.
Well..... I got a world of pain ahead of me soon.

Good luck.

Hey there

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Its starting for me on 15th September, so I have another two weeks and a half of vacations Wink
And don't worry, it'll be over in about 280 days! Tongue

We'll miss you sam and max.

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See ya! But I bet you'll have time to check in once in a while.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Bye sam and max! Like AP said, hopefully you'll have time to check occasionally; it isn't holidays for me, but I still check in every day (although being a mod I feel I obligated Tongue).

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I am currently the only freshman in my class taking both advanced Geometry and advanced Algebra 2. I got a bunch of homework on just the first day, so I might not be on as much as well. I will still try to check in every few days. Good luck, sam and max!


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Been looking for you everywhere mate, I don't know you but any chance that you still have that Fallout Skin for steam?

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Hah, are you talking to me? I recall making such a skin and posting about it here... kinda abandoned it though.
Anyway, first I'd like to confirm that you are talking to me.

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Yeah, I ment to reply to you sorry. To bad you abandoned it Dx, really been looking for a skin like that.

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I do still have the skin, but it's for an old version of Steam and will most likely break the current one, or at least look very bad. If you really want it, I could probably find some time to try and make it work for the current Steam. I'm not sure how long I'll take though, or how good it'll look.

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Have a good school year!
Man, sixth grade is fun...

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if you could, that'll be awesome, ive just been looking everywere for a fallout theme for steam, my whole desktop looks like a robco terminal would really have a nice fit for me.