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Hey everyone. I am TopazWeasel. I am 13 (14 in Jan) and I have decided that I should come back to this community. It's been 3 years since i joined this community and it was awesome, i have created so many levels that i think were pretty good.

Now you might be wondering what am i talking about because i just joined this. well lemme tell you a secret. I am dan250, Yes, that little whiny annoying kid you remember from years ago. I was soo bored today and i mean it, Exreamly bored. so i visited goofans. then i thought 'why not make more levels and be part of this community once again'. My old account was a bit messy, so i thought i might aswell start from scratch.
so in a few minutes after i finish writing this, i shall download gootool and other stuff i need so i can get to work rather than stare at twitter for ages or mess around in little inferno.

I learned alot while I wasn't here. the simplest things i never knew like adding transparency to images or zipping files if i have a collection of levels.

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Hello there! I don't remember you, but welcome back anyways.

Hey there

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That's cause you weren't here three years ago, Sam&Max. Tongue

Hi again, Dan/Topaz. Sorry about IRC the other day; got distracted doing other stuff.

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TopazWeasel wrote:
Yes, that little whiny annoying kid you remember from years ago.

You must be HEAVILY mistaken. The only whiney annoying kid from years ago was probably me.

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Welcome back!Dan(or Topaz)!

Random user of goofans site & WoG gamer.

Maniac of osu!game now. Go MU as you want and just PM me.

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Hey dan/Topaz, long time no see! Welcome back to GooFans!

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Nice to have you back!

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.