Best Moderator of the season contest [Begining]

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As RedTheGreen's level contest,
there's a new contest begining.
As you know the moderators are getting bored of these publishing and fixing things
but they will still so...
But every season the moderators will get some good badges.
Will you get the complete collection of these badges

The rules are:
A forum topic is going to be created for each year,
so it doesn't waste space on the forum page.
Fans vote for the best moderator of the season.
[moderators can vote but not themselves]
On this forum topic you vote for the best moderator.
Now it's going to be autumn 2011 contest and then winter contest 2011 on the same forum topic.
You vote for your moderator,
not because you like him/her.
Because they help you, so which moderator helped you this season?
Votes will not be acceptable after a random date of the seasons contest's end.
The date for the autumn 2011 contest end is no later than 15th october 2011.

each vote counts so remember that,
even my vote.
I will need a parter for helping me how to make these badges.
The different colour templates, new graphics, how to make them?
I'm voting for MOM4Evr because she helped me from when I joined.

so 1 vote is for MOM4Evr.

what about your vote?

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Do we really need this?

There are just three of us that are active on the forums and just one (MOM4Evr) is doing something.
Do we really need a "badge contest" for this? lol

Second, davidc is probably not going to install new badges...

Third, a contest every year?? Do you really plan that long ahead? "And the winner of 31st annual moderators contest is..." *joke*

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what don't you want some good new badges?
Anyway It was just an idea.
Doesn't mean it's really coming out.
For you this is a joke.
But I realised you say that you got enough moderator for now,
when 2/3 of them left.
maybe you and the others need some help?
and this contest isn't every year
I mean that 1 forum topic must fit 4 contest seasons inside

Delete this forum topic please,
enough embarassment for today

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Maybe we need to stop thinking yet so many badges, as we actually had to make the badges smaller on our posts so they could fit in the forum topics. Smile

But Pavke has a point. There's few moderators here, and fewer who are actually ever active.

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Hey, I'm a guy. Tongue

But anyway, it's nice to know that you'd vote for me and all that, but I don't think that we really need some kind of contest. And we've had people talk about new badges and all that, and badges are cool, but badges are worth less when there's more of them. Wink Besides, davidc is the only one who can add badges, and he doesn't come on very often.

That said, I already have the most badges of anyone on the site. Muahaha. Smile

So yah, good idea, but I think we're ok on badges for now. Smile

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MOM4Evr wrote:
That said, I already have the most badges of anyone on the site. Muahaha. Smile

Now we just need the other three "coming soon" badges to come out and for you to join 2DBOY. Smile

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Neither of which is likely to happen any time soon (only Pavke, Daft, LTumbleweed, and Peter would get any of the other three), so I think you're safe there. Wink

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Don't you think there should be more contests.
Goofans is getting a little bit boring.
Maybe an easter egg contest would do.
Now you think I'm crazy