[Unnecessarily Locked] IWT Goomod Help Thread (Part 1)

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Part 2: http://goofans.com/forum/goofans/goofans-game/36906

This forum thread is where I got my IMF's WOG Tour goomod help.

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Before Playing:

Just looked through the levels folder, and it looks like all the original levels are still there. One of the reasons it's better to use gootool is because you need to have purchased World of Goo, whereas in this game, people can download it for free using your link. If it's possible, try to convert your mod into a goomod (although by the sounds of it, you may have edited some of the code. I think that may have been frowned upon, but I don't recall where I read that).

So I know that you said it was virus free, but my system detected it as a virus. Any idea why this may be happening?

Playthrough notes:
-Remove any copyrighted music.
-Just wondering, what kind of code did you edit? If this code is like the xml code used to change the islands, then it's entirely possible to turn your mod into a goomod (which I strongly recommend).

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EDIT 11 December 2018 @ 3:37 PM: Yes, it is official: .goomod development is under way!

This should answer it all.

I. Why didn't you make it a .goomod file? Have you even done it before?
I'll try, but I'm not making any promises this will happen. I've heard that .goomod creation can be really difficult when it comes to the Mod type, but I'll try my best.
(And a quick question, is there any way to put in a new line in the addin description that appears in GooTool?)

II. Why is it being virus detected?
I have no idea. I was not lying when I said it was virus free. Sometimes I swear those things are too sensitive. But if you want to believe that this a virus, I'd highly suggest you get rid of it. No sense in risking the files to end up with viruses on the computer.
When and if this becomes a .goomod file, that shouldn't happen.

III. Where is there copyrighted music?
Level 5-4: Will in Shall (This is confirmed on the playthrough video on my YouTube channel). Otherwise, that is the only piece of copyrighted music. That will be changed in the .goomod release, that is, if there ever is one, and in the setup and folder downloads.

IV. How did the islands/chapters, text, and resources change?
Mygod's World of Goo Modifier was used to edit the XML.BIN files. This was used to mod the text strings properties file and the resources properties file as well. All that was done was as follows:

- The level "id" tag was modified for every level, leaving no traces of the original levels inside of the modified code.
- The cutscenes have been moved. (Also, I gave the whistle after level 1-1 for easier playing in the rest of the game.)
- The text strings were added manually by using WoG Modifier. I had to manually add in each individual string for the level names and their subtitles.
- The game contains custom pipes at later points of the game, primarily in Chapter 3. This meant that the game's resources.xml.bin file had to be edited to get new pipes in the game.

All of the above could pose a pretty mild level of difficulty to the .goomod creation.

V. Any closing notes?

In short, I thought that this would be fun. I finished this game in March of 2018 (I wrote it that way to minimize confusion) and I knew that as soon as I released it, there were going to be people asking "Why isn't this in the .goomod format?" or "Why'd you make this? It's really ridiculous how it's made!". Yeah, those kinds of things. As seeing you being the first to critique this, I'll take that for what I will, and will hide the links until the .goomod file is released. (Wait, that means they may never re-open. Well, heck...) Also, a lot of the levels were a bit repetitions of others and it felt like this was just quickly made, so I may update the levels that I feel are lacking and release those levels in a better rendition.

I had hope. I felt that some people would be impressed. Turns out I was wrong. I made this to have fun and let others have fun, and it appears as if it backfired completely. I will try to make this a .goomod file, but like I said in Section I, I am not making any promises.

If that didn't answer your questions or concerns, I will make a follow up video on my YouTube channel.

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Here's a forum topic on chapter development, best of luck to you! Also, hope my criticism didn't come off as offensive. Although if making a goomod does prove to be too difficult, I may see if I can compile it for you. (Although I'd have to have some time on my hands to do that first Tongue)

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Thanks for the reply. I was completely wrong about what I said about said goomodding being extremely difficult. As it stands, this more than likely will not be as difficult as I anticipated it would be.

I hope that this goomod will turn out fine. Right now, the addin.xml and text.xml are already finished and ready to go. All that is left now is to mod the game and merge the levels. (Yes, modifying Chapter 1 will be involved. Also, GooTool already recognizes it too.)

However, I have contracted one issue already: merging. I am unsure on merging folders in Windows 10 like you could merge two folders in Windows 7. If I can find out how to merge two folders in Windows 10, the whole process will avalanche, which will make my job much easier.

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EDIT 15 December 2018 @ 12:36 AM: This was resolved. Turns out that WinRAR kept the BIN files inside of the override folder regardless of the changes I did. I thought that WinRAR overwrote the folder completely, but it just adds files, not deletes.

Here's a quick update on the .goomod file development:

So far, this has been pretty easy. After figuring out how to do it right, the entire wall of "this is too difficult" just collapsed. I found out that I didn't even need to merge, all I needed was to put the levels inside of the "compile\res\levels" folder. (This is described in the changelog section of the GooTool description).

But a problem has been encountered:

GooTool says this when the "Save and Launch" button is pressed: "Bin files are not allowed in the override directory". The irony is, there are no XML, goomod, or BIN files in the override directory period. Any way to resolve this?

As it stands, it should be out by December 24 or 25.

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Gootool is kinda weird with these issues and sometimes it says something that means sonething completely different. Do you have BIN files anywhere else in the mod? If there are no BIN files in override, you should check compile and merge for them too. Im pretty sure BIN files are completely unsupported in goomods (I could be wrong) and BIN files in the mod will have to be decrypted into XML files. See if this works.

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It will be a little cumbersome, but you'll need to convert all the bin files into xml files. You'll be able to do this by going to the advanced tab of gootool, and selecting the appropriate decrypt option. At least, that should solve all the issues for levels and island.xmls. If you have any cutscenes however, you'll need to export the .bintl files, and decrypt the resources.bin

If it helps, try downloading another addin and renaming it into a .zip. That should help you compare and contrast.

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I should have said sooner. I figured out how that works. I learned that from the addin "TM13's View of the World of Goo". The addin is very useful to me.

Thanks for telling me so about GooTool's decrypt function. My old method of conversion was this:

(This was in the "compile\res\balls" folder)
I'd open the .BIN file inside of WoG Modifier, copy the XML from Notepad, create a new *.txt file in the same directory, paste the XML inside of the new file, save and close it, then rename it to either balls.xml.xml or resources.xml.xml.

Now that you have told me about the decrypt function in GooTool, I now realize that this was very inefficient.

Thanks for saying so. This makes this whole process ten times easier. Smile

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Fire S. wrote:

I'd open the .BIN file inside of WoG Modifier, copy the XML from Notepad, create a new *.txt file in the same directory, paste the XML inside of the new file, save and close it, then rename it to either balls.xml.xml or resources.xml.xml.

Ooh, bad idea.
If you look at an xml, you'll see that the text isn't the same. So for all of the files you've used that method for, you're going to have to go back to the bin files and decrypt them this time.

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Thanks for letting me know. I will do the "compile\res\balls" folder over again. At least it is only 25 folders whereas the levels folder is 71. So far on the levels folder, I am up to 32 of 71 converted (45% of the levels have been converted to just plain XML. And yes, it was done with GooTool, not my nonsensical old method).

I know that this must be getting boring or monotonous just telling me the best methods of doing this and that it may be wasting your time, but I dearly appreciate the huge help you all have been.

As I said in my last reply (Post #8), I stated that the release date was approximately going to be December 24 or 25. This is where it will stand for the time being. If the goomod is not released by then, it may be out by sometime between New Years Eve or New Years Day. (December 31, 2018 or January 1, 2019).

My intention was to get the goomod out by the end of 2018, but it may not happen as we only have 16 more days of this month. It may be out before this year is over, but this will still require loads of testing, so it may not be out for a while.

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Have you used WoGEditor to make levels? If so, you can export the levels there as goomods, which already have decrypted BIN files and XMLs. All thats needed would be to merge it into the larger goomod. Maybe this could speed things up a little?

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To get it out of the way: Yes. WooGLE was used to make the levels. And some of the balls were cloned and modified with WooBLE.

So, I thought I should update everyone on how I am doing with this goomod:

This could take longer than expected. I said that it'd be near December 24 or 25 or New Years Eve or Day, but realizing the fact that I have a long way to go on the BIN to XML conversions, this could take a bit.

I understand doing this the hard way was not a smart decision, but I have already come this far. True, I am only 5 days into this goomod, as of now, and I already have quite a bit done. I mean, I have 32 of 71 levels converted from BIN to XML, but it feels as if I am moving too slow. I am trying to move a bit quicker, but the speed I am moving at the moment is insane. It is hard to describe the speed, but, just roll with me here.

I should have gotten feedback on how to do this before starting. Originally, I was going to do this fully blind and from scratch, but that seems as if it was a bad idea. All I have done to myself is tie myself into a bind and it will be hard to get out of.

For now, I am going to keep going how I am now. I will finish the levels folder conversions, then I will have to take anywhere between a 2 to 6 day break to do one thing: make a few cut scenes. Originally, there were going to be cutscenes in the ZIP/Setup EXE release, but I didn't know how to do animation/movie creation at the time. About 2 days ago, I made the Chapter 1 End movie for Chapter 1, and it looks pretty decent in my opinion. The next cut scene is going to be after Level 1-8, and I am unsure on how I will structure it. But, I'll figure it out. Another thing that I am unsure on how to structure is the transition from Level 2-14 into Chapter 3. Since there is no real tie between Chapters 2 and 3, this can pose an extra level of difficulty in structuring the connection to these chapters. In the end, I will make it all work.

After gooey goo's reply on the old method (Post #9) and saying that I need to redo the BIN/XML files that I converted using that method. This is going to add more time needed for this. But, a plus to that is that it should take only about 20-45 minutes, so not too long.

I'll be honest, this is going pretty smoothly for me at the moment. Well, to a degree. It is going smoothly for me but is also kind of struggling. I feel as if I am going to let people down. My plan is that this goomod will be 100% like the July 2018 release, but it is not to be fully expected. There WILL be modifications to the game in the goomod release, but it will be practically no different from the original release.

The thought sparked in my head recently: what do I do about the resources.xml.bin file in the original game's "properties" folder? Now, you may be saying: "You don't need that file." Well, there were custom pipes made with that and it is ideal for the goomod to work, otherwise the game will crash. This is evident as most custom pipes are in Chapters 3 and 5. How can I use the files in the resources.xml.bin file to make the pipes work in the goomod?

In the end, the goomod development is going okay. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. I am trying my absolute hardest.

I know I am wasting your time, but you are sincerely helping me in the long run, and for that, I am thankful. Smile

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Oh, custom pipes?
Yeah, you'll have to use the merge folder for that.
Hopefully that article helps.

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Yes, thank you for that article link. I viewed it before, but I accessed it only to get the syntaxes for adding custom pipes.

Now that I noticed the merging process, I will fix this and it will hopefully work.

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To the people who are interested:

I will be live streaming my goomod development maybe around 10:00 or 11:00 PM tonight. If you are able to view it, feel free to come tune in. If you can't, I understand.

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Which timezone though? Also, merge folders are used for particle effects, pipes and materials. And you mentioned in a previous post that "There WILL be modifications to the game in the goomod release" what do you mean by "modifications"? If you are changing gooballs and levels from the original game, its considered "cheating" and the goomod wont be published. You can edit the MWV, however, and if you have edited OG gooballs and levels you may have to change them back, clone them in the editor with a different name, and then edit them. Once again, this only applies if you edited OG gooballs and levels.

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Time Zone (more than likely in regard to the live stream time): UTC -5:00 (Eastern Time) (US and Canada) (You'll have to convert 10 PM or 11 PM to your time zone.)

TL;DR: My time zone is Eastern Time. If it isn't yours, you will need to convert it to yours. And I will leave a link here when I am live.

No original levels were modified. I can't and don't even know how to do that in the first

What I meant about there being modifications is that the goomod version of this game compared to the original release of the game will be slightly different than the original release in either the ZIP or the Setup EXE.

A few examples of modifications to original goo balls:

- Fuse goo was changed to single strand; ball in folder is named "FuseSingleStrand"
- Common goo was changed to 4 strand like the Albino goo; ball in folder is named "common4strand"

So, in that regard, the original game balls are the same, they were just cloned and given different names to fit their new attributes or properties. Or, I didn't mod the original ball files at all. All I did was clone its folder to modify it then. The original game's goo ball files were left untouched.

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Ok you shoudl be alright then, just had to make sure.

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Here's the link to the running stream: https://www.twitch.tv/imf24

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gooey goo wrote:

Yeah, you'll have to use the merge folder for that.

How would I write it to where the pipes will work? How do I format the XML to work with the game in the "merge" folder?

In other words, where does it need to be saved and what does it need to be saved as?

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Turns out I cant type a template here (for whatever reason) the pipes go into resources.xml. You should look at the resource.xml from the OG game to see how the pipes are made.

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Edit 20 December 2018 @ 2:00 AM: The resources file has been added and does not error in GooTool now.

But I am still receiving errors. My current error now is this:


And the script looks as follows:


Any resolve for this? If so, I will do so for the other four island XML/XSL files.

-------------- OLD POST --------------
I have extracted the pipe resource lines from the file "resources.xml.bin" in the "properties" folder, but I am unsure of where to save it and the extension to save it AS in the "merge" folder.

If I can get the extension and directory for saving the file, I can probably have a stable goomod to the point of maybe leaving the Alpha stage.

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In answer to the earlier question, GooTool specifically prohibits you from putting .bin files in because they are not cross-platform compatible. Put in the unencrypted .xml files instead, and GooTool will convert them to the appropriate platform-specific encoding depending on the end-user's platform.

This feature was added to prevent users who didn't know what they were doing from accidentally creating mods that would only work on one platform - when there is no reason for any mod to be platform-specific, what with the various compilation, encryption and encoding techiques that GooTool takes care of for you if used right.


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so, what is the download link...

MeowCat Studio
I am a Chinese, I am proud!

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30 March 2019 UPDATE:

WOW. An update from me is long overdue. In that case, let me tell you, fine folks, what has been happening these past 3 months.

Before I do that though, I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me along the way of creating this goomod file. I hoped that I would do this alone, but looking at that remark in retrospect, I realized that that was a very foolish thought, even for me. If it wasn't for the people who are in this forum thread, I would not be this far into development as I am now. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

So, with that being said, let me update y'all:

1. "Hey, you said the goomod would be out by December 25th, so where is it? You lied to us!"

I understand I said that I would release the goomod by December 24 or 25 of last year, 2018, but I am unsure of the release date as of now. If I had to guess, probably sometime in between May to July of this year. I'd hope it'd be out in April, but I highly doubt it.

TL;DR: I'm unsure of when or if it will be finished.

2. "Are you doing this goomod alone?"

Well, yes. Minus the help from the people in this wonderful community, I have done this whole thing by myself. Even doing the levels in the original EXE game version, all of the re-coding, and modifications I did on my own by learning how the game functions along the way as I created the EXE version of the game. That was over a year ago. Now it's 2019, and I have been hoping to have had the goomod be out by now. (Refer to #1 for release date predictions.)
In short, I would love a bit of extra help for this mod, but I don't know for sure yet.

TL;DR: Yes. The people here on this site have helped me tremendously, though.

3. "If you want extra help, why didn't/haven't you asked for it already?"

I had an idea, but I never did it. That idea is as follows: send the current version of the goomod (0.6 BETA), and see if these people that have helped me could help realize what I've done wrong or am missing. It's a risky maneuver, but I may consider it.

4. "Is this for real hard? It can't be, can it? Why haven't you released it already?"

This is a long and tedious process. It stressed me out for a few days when I'd work on it nonstop. But I stopped working on it back in January. I haven't modified it since the start of February. And I haven't even touched it so far this month. And April on the horizon as well, and I may not even touch it next month either.

I understand that's not accomplishing anything, but I needed to take a break from it, or otherwise I would be more stressed with it than I am now. But I practically have no stress from it because I haven't worked on it in a while.

If I kept up working on it, it would be out by now.

5. "What is stopping you from releasing it?"

This error: The game opens correctly, but during loading, the game fails and crashes. (In other words, it gives a "Fatal Error" pop-up message during loading the game.)

I know that this is a long thing to sit and read through, but it needed to happen.

To the people who have helped me: I'm going to continue to stay away from this project for a little bit longer, but I will continue working on it in the upcoming weeks to months. If you could, please bare with me as I continue developing this mod.

A quick extra note: This is the first ever chapter mod I've created.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of your day/night.

- Fire S.

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Fire S. wrote:

...3. "If you want extra help, why didn't/haven't you asked for it already?"

I had an idea, but I never did it. That idea is as follows: send the current version of the goomod (0.6 BETA), and see if these people that have helped me could help realize what I've done wrong or am missing. It's a risky maneuver, but I may consider it...

On the contrary, I think it would be a good idea to send parts of your goomod to other people (mainly the bits which you think are incorrect) so they can help you. If you still cannot trust other people, I would recommend taking a look at other goomods that have additional chapters (you can find this in the chapters tab). Rename the goomod into a zip, and look through the contents of the goomod. You can use that as a reference.

Good luck with your project, hopefully your effort will pay off!

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I thank you for the continual support you gave me, and seeing how quick I was responded to when this thread originally went up surprised me even more.. I will get back into the development hopefully by April 13th or 14th or so. But, just so I can have a bit of confirmation from you:

The method to overwrite the original chapters, what would be the best approach? I have looked at other goomods' merge folders (XSL) or even in the compile\res\islands\ folder (XML). Assuming that both methods work, I did both methods, but I found that the XSL method makes it fail upon saving and launching VIA GooTool. With the XML method, the game launches, but fails during the loading scene with a Fatal Error pop-up. I will look into this more and try to fix it. If not, I'll try to do it with the XSL method again, and try to get it right.

In reply to the "If you can't trust other people..." quote, I do trust you. I don't want to cause you to believe I am not trusting anyone. I am, and I have 100% appreciated all of the support I have received from you wonderful people over the past almost 5 months. I understand I was quiet for a bit, not posting since December 15th, but it was because of a bit of stress and just wanting to get away from this for a bit.

I also don't want to make you think that all of this has gone to shame. It hasn't. And hopefully, it won't. I am trying my absolute hardest to complete this, but it will take much longer than originally anticipated.

I'm sure you all are tired of me thanking you people over and over and over again, but I can't thank you all enough. Smile

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Hmmmm... that issue sounds like your XML is invalid. It could be any of your XMLs whether your text.xml, addin.xml, island.xml ir any other that are in your goomod. These can be the smallest of errors, it could be a missing comma or bracket. Notepad++ is usually good at finding these sorts of issues, but if it cant find anything or you cant find anything, you may have to email the XML to one of us to take a look at it.

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13 April 2019 UPDATE:

OK, I've made a decision. And a lot of you may not like it. But I feel as if it will be for the better.

I'm most likely going to cancel the development of this goomod. Why? Because looking back at how I did in retrospect when I first finished it, I put in too many short and bad levels. Some of the levels had no effort put into them, and for that, that is what makes me think I did a bad job.

Now, before people start saying "What do you mean it's bad? You got to experience what it feels like to create one of these things, so why not finish it?", I want to clarify something: this whole re-skin/re-creation of the game was made in about a month and a half. I had come to realize not too long after my March 30th update that I rushed the end of Chapter 3 and all of Chapter 4 and 5. This is why my two favorite chapters were 1 and 2, as they had effort put into them. Granted, some of the levels are bad, but they were still decently fun.

I also don't want people to think that all of this has gone to waste. I learned what the process is like to create a mod like this. Mods like this are not really all that easy to create. Especially when it comes to overwriting Chapter 1's XML. If I wanted this mod to work, I had to modify Chapter 1. I understand that editing the XML for Chapter 1 is not the best thing to do, but I know it is doable. So, that being said, I will try my best to continue learning how to overwrite Chapter 1. I've seen other goomods do this, and I want to see if I can do it myself.

So, with all of that out of the way, what am I going to do now?

To all of the people who have helped me, I still give you my greatest thanks. And for that, I will say this:

I'm going to start a BRAND NEW mod, fully from scratch, and it will be better than what this mod I'm most likely abandoning will be! It will be the same length, 65 levels, but it will have custom cut scenes, Goo Balls, pipes, and stuff along that line.

So don't worry, this first goomod I created will be basically a reference to what I will need to do for the new one. I have read lots of material from the site and viewing other goomods to see what needs to be done. I hope that this new project will not let you wonderful folks of the site down, and also, I hope that this does not disappoint you with me possibly canceling this IWT (IMF's WOG Tour) goomod. If this new one turns out what I hope it will be, I will happily release it to the public, and I hope that the new project will have things that the IWT goomod also had, and also didn't have.

In terms of story, there will be one. No spoilers, but there will be one.

Take care, and thanks for all of this. Smile <3

*** P.S. This forum thread will remain here until the new goomod is near finished. I will rename this forum thread again, and the top body post will be basically removed.

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I wish all the luck to your new goomod! I dont mind if people scrap mods for the better. Goo-modding is run on passion, which means you can really do whatever you like, and if you didnt like how your mod turned out, then it is ok for you to improve.

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