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I get 'Unable to parse document' error when trying the EconomicDivide merge test? As the xsl file needs the decoded bin files, can not figure out where to put them. I have a goomod with a path structure '\merge\res\levels\EconomicDivide'. Have tried putting the xml files in a number of places with no joy. What am I doing wrong?

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i just assembled Merger Test and it works fine.
\merge\res\levels\EconomicDivide\EconomicDivide.level.xsl is correct.
and don't forget the addin.xml at the goomod root. Wink

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I just posted the addin here for you to look at: merger-test

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Thank you, it now makes more sense as I see where I went wrong. Also latest GooTool working fine, great work. The new Testing options look interesting. I guess we will have to wait for these future gems.