Gootool, level editor and ball editor for wii.

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Since there is a wii version of world of goo, can anyone ask nintendo if gootool, level editor, and ball editor can be available for wiiware service? I think this could be a GOO-d idea.

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Well, World of Goo isn't top game on EARTH. (but it is in the World of goo! Tongue ) Games like Mario and Sonic get more publicity because they are more noticed/recognizable. Thus, they get promotions for stuff like Pokemon themed Game boys, and Mario related shirts, pants, etc. World of goo is indie, and although it might not go farther than being linked to the iPhone, being made into custom T-shirts (Yes, any one can!), and being able to mod it in nearly ever way, we still have a fun time doing it. Hm? What's that? LOOK HERE! Wink : TOPIC OF YOUR LIKING!

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There are two problems with this: One, you'd need to hack your Wii, and two, we don't know the encryption formats of the files. So it's not possible at the moment.

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Since the question was if anyone can ask Nintendo, to do this, the answer is yes. You can. Anyone can.

I guess the answer will sound a bit like this:

"Dear valued customer.
Unfortunatly there are no plans to add [the things you mentioned] to [the WiiWare game you mentioned].
But check out our cool new games: [vaguely related wiiware/wii/ds titles]

[Nintendo of America]"

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