Moving pictures when the camera move WTF !

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I use a depth of 5 and those pictures in my level move when my camera move, they move a little, but enough to be annoying and create holes, because it is a layer to complete a pictures.

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Then REMOVE the depth. Smile

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Well all objects (pictures) have this problem ...

the position of the pictures move a little.

Example I move my camera to the top ingame and :

the 2 pictures are not attached together.

I move my camera ingame to the bottom and they board one over the other.

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Saying exactly what's said in the reference guide :

It also controls the "distance" to the image. Over a limited range (where depth is between -2 to +2) the only apparent effect is which things are in front and which are behind. On a larger scale a parallax scrolling effect can be seen. Objects with large negative depth (-1000 say) will appear to move more slowly around the screen as you scroll, simulating being further away. Objects with positive depth (+200) will be in the foreground, will move faster as you scroll and will appear between the player and the Goo Balls.

So if you want a picture puzzled together with several images give them the same depth. Or at least just make the difference between them very small (0.001).

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Ha okay , this can be good also to simulate pictures in a 3D world , but we stay in 2D.

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