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Hey ya! i´m google and i´m in the research of the best special effects for wog to make it better in presentation and more dynamic.
sPECIALLY i´m searching for a firework effect and a sand storm.
Anyone collaborate??
at least leave a comment to give ideas or claim help for this.

Hey You!
Start the fun and Install the fan made CHAPTER 6: MOON OF GOO

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Yeah, making new particleeffects is fun.

You could modify "OOS_breezeRight" or "rainStreaksHeavy" to get a sandstorm. Just replace or change the images of them.
As for the firework I suggest to look for a given effect with the right movement of images and just replace the images it uses. Maybe the "BallExplode_ISH" effect would fit for a firework.

If you want closer details about particleeffects and their attribute, there is everything listed here:

If you want, you could give some images(which you want to use for an effect) and I'll create one for you.