Woogle new level problem

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When clicing "new level" and entering the name it shows me a blank white screen with nothing on it.

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Download: http://goofans.com/download/other/texture-format-and-size-tests

This is Texture format size tests. If you don't see the number, or if the game stops, then you may have a problem with your size pic.

If you re-named your picture from a .jpg or .bmp and etc. to say .png then that is your problem. It has to be .png all the time.

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When i insert the directory name then it does this!

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Q) What version of WooGLE?

Q) Does anything appear in the black "console window" behind the main window?

Are you sure it not just that you can't see any of the things that ARE there?
Try Zooming out?

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Make sure that WooGLE is pointing to your right WOG directory. Check it in File menu->Change WOG directory.

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Got fixed yesterday.

Ansver:I run WOOGLE as adrimistator