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Hey! I got your attetion user!
Ok, Chapter 6:Moon Of Goo is FINISHED
And my question is...
how do i test it in goo tool???
I also made the steps of
-Zip the necesary folders
-rename to .goomod
and...When i try to open in goo tool
It says"No Manifest Found,Is this even a addin?"
Am I doing something wrong?
What KIND OF"Manifest" is talking about?

Hey You!
Start the fun and Install the fan made CHAPTER 6: MOON OF GOO

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what i do is press,"save as goomod" than i go to gootool and press install adddin and select level folder than goomod folder than com.gofans.UserName.LevelName than O.K. than O.K. than save and play.
Phew! didn't realize that was one sentence.
and cool new image!!


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Well, you probably .zipped it wrong. Check and make sure you selected the folders (compile, override, maybe merge if you had one) and the addin and text.xml files and zipped those together, rather than zipping the folder that these all were in.

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I zipped "Res" and "Properties"
so now i need to zip the same stuff adding text that miss??
I´m talking about this beacause I don´t want to do something wrong

Hey You!
Start the fun and Install the fan made CHAPTER 6: MOON OF GOO

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Um, no. You need to zip the exact files and folders I mentioned above. No other folders or files are allowed.

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The manifest is addin.xml, in the root zip.

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