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OK, recently, having to build my own chapter with my own graphics, I got to play around with gimp! Small problem, I dunno how to optimise my graphics for the game levels. What size and resolution should I use? Any tips on getting stuff to look cleaner. For example, in my chapter, the graphics of climbing connection turned out great, but the graphics of undersnake are seriously ugly even though the same resolution was used!!!

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What do you mean by "seriously ugly"? Do they look like they're rendered in a lower resolution?
Sorry but I haven't played Undersnake yet, so I can't see what you mean. I would right now if I could but I can't.

Also, although I'm fairly good at GIMP and image modification, there are probably people here that are somewhat better candidates for fixing your problem Tongue

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I didn't notice anything particularly different or worse about the graphics. Please clarify.

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I don't know, the pixels are bigger, and some whiteish lines appear where simple borders between colours should be.

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