I'm making a map

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I dont know how to extend the scene boundaries Sad Nor do I know how to make a sign overlap the background Sad

Any help will be appreciated!

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will anyone help me

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Hey, you can always check the guide: My First Level.

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Please don't post so many times in a row, it doesn't help. You should wait at least 24 hours for a response, not everybody is online when you are.

Anyway, movildima's link should help.

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Are you talking about WOG World map? Making a map is hard work. It requires skill in XML files (thought sometimes it doesn't make sense to me either). The best thing to do, is to just create your map, levels and chapters as levels and then send them all to someone who can edit them (list the levels and chapters and make sure you have all the details). Btw, guys I've lately haven't done nothing, so now I'm making a fresh start and am going to make levels, chapters and MWV. I've decided, that Wiki world would be just waste of space, so I'll just make a chapter of it and put it as the 5th chapter of my game. But I warn you, levels will get harder as you move from chapter to chapter. Chapter 3 will have the most levels and it'll be quite scary, so only try on go through it, if you know you won't get a heart attack...

Btw, I'm finally able to make something with Blender program Laughing out loud