iOS version - option to turn off game music

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I'd like to see the option to be able to control in game music.

Also, it should sense that you already have music or some kind of music already playing, via pandora or iheartradio and not take over that existing stream.

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Hi, Funkdubious!
That's a great suggestion, but unfortunately this is just a fan site, and we don't have any control over what features get added to the game. You can email your suggestions to or use 2DBoy's contact form here though. Smile

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Also, doesn't GooTool have an option to enable in-game volume control? It's not official, sure, but it's probably as close as you're gonna get for a while.

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Yeah, that's true. I forgot about that.

Most operating systems have a sound mixer where you can tweak each application's volume, also. Or is this for the Android version?

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Hey, by the way, has David ever mentioned making GooTool for Android?

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Not that I know of. I'm not really even certain how well Java runs on Android devices, tbh.

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Heh. That made me think of Minecraft Portable, but that was a port to C++.