No sound on iphone 4 ;(

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The best aspect of this game is the sound i think, so immersive! It was buggy at times on my iphone, necessitating turning the phone on/off again, which seemed to sort it out. Use BT headphones occasionally. But now...nothing!!! ;((* Have restarted my phone, all other apps sounds are working perfectly (listening to ipod right now) what gives goo??

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You got a copy of the .app of world of goo?
This seems very nonsense,>Only a question, very important
You have experience with modding archives or recognizing inner archive folder tree structure of World Of Goo folders?

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I think you just need to reinstall. That happened with one of my iPad apps.

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I think AP's right. If it used to work, and you haven't messed around with the files, reinstalling is your best bet. And don't worry about your saved games, those will stay intact (as far as I know, anyway).