Why why why.

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The game worked fine until I updated my video card drivers.I'm not a developer just a gamer.The game launch's the text in introduction scrolls up for about 8 lines and my pc restarts.I followed the error trail that provides steps for finding something wrong with my OS,describing some kind of blue screen,locating drivers that aren't operational etc. . . But all the troubleshooting suggestions are false positive leads. It doesn't explain why it worked with the previous video card driver and not the newest video driver version. Am I supposed to assume that since my old drivers worked the new drivers will only work for every other game except this one?

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Try installing the latest patch for World of Goo. Google it.

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or look at MOM's signature.


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It honestly doesn't matter.

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I'll just post here so you can see the link below. Tongue

If the patch doesn't work, let us know.

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It didn't.

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What OS are you using?