Goo tower update

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Yeah, I guess...

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And davidc's working on them, so yay!

Anyhow, I managed to break my old record. I now have 41.074 meters. Woot woot! With the leaderboards as they are, that would land me at #36, with bigdanger uploading his, of course. Smile

And thanks for the advice, Peter B. That seems to work really well.

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they almost are. see david's post.


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Yeah, he mentionned fixing them in the chat!

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@4evr, I see you've added strands down the middle. I never really found this necessary, its just wasting half of the ones you pull out.

Here's another tip for anyone, when making the centre blocks do it like this, never this. It'll make it so you always get 2 balls from each block and also give you more options, like pulling them out in the reversed pattern (like these). One way may be better than the other for keeping a straight tower.

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Yeah, I thought about that. The problem with this tower is mostly just that it's unstable and I don't have much time to attach the Goo Balls to the top before it collapses. The strands down the middle probably add a tiny amount of stability, which is what I needed for this particular tower. Maybe sometime I'll build a more stable base so I don't need them, but for the moment, the amount of Goo Balls I have free isn't the problem. I could've detached more, too, if I'd really wanted to. This was just a good tower for the amount of time I spent on it.