Lag after passing a level ?

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Hello guys !

I just bought this game yesterday , I very like it but I've got a very big problem ...
I take the steam version and when I passed a level on the game, it begins to lag seriously ... Unpplayable, I have too restart the game each time ...

I have a good computer : i7 920 , 560 ti, 9g DDR3 etc ...

The computer isnt the problem ...

What can I do, it make me crazy to restart each time the game ...


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Hello there!
This is just a fan site, but we'll try to help as much as we can. What's the operating system you're using? Where exactly does it start lagging and become unplayable? I haven't heard of a bug like this before.

Also, World of Goo has pretty low PC requirements, so it does sound like you're fine there.

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Thanks !

I've got windows 7 64 bits

Hen I finish the level, there is the fluh system (sorry for my english) who counts my points and then the lag begins ...

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This is odd. Have you tried re-installing?

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Something might be wrong with saving the profile, if it starts right then.

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