[SOLVED] Android install fail - 'package file is invalid'

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I bought full version from Google Play/market
but it won#t instal - just gives 'package file is invalid'
I've cleared plenty of space on phone.
Running rooted HTC HD2 with android 3.7.2.
Any ideas what I can do before getting refund?
Demo works fine.

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Try to re-download it.

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Tried that about 8 times!

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I deleted the download file from the sd-card and redownloaded it several times.
No improvement...

Any other ideas?

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Have you installed any other games successfully? Sorry I can't really help much, I don't have any experience with Android.

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yes. loads of other games. The goo demo works fine...

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Well, I managed to sort it by forcing an install as a non-market app direct from file manager after clearing a bit of space in the internal memory. (too many apps open in the background with my new dorimanx SWAP rom!!)
Goo now nicely installed on sd-card.

(rooted HD2)

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Great! Glad to hear it. Hopefully this can help others who run into the same trouble in the future. Smile