Recover Deleted Profile?

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My 6 year old plays this game a ton, but can't quite read that well yet. When trying to exit, I guess he accidentally deleted his profile. I've been googling to find a way to recover his profile without any luck. Is there a way to recover a deleted profile? I have no idea what his profile was even named. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, I think that when you delete a profile, it's gone for good. Sorry. Sad

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Ok, Thanks for the reply

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If you are on Windows 7, you can try this:
1. Open any folder
2. Type in tha adress bar: %appdata%
3. In the adress bar press on AppData
4. Then open the Local folder
5. Open 2dBoy and then WorldOfGoo folder.
6. Right click on pers2.dat file and select properties.
7. Open the Previous versions tab(I think it's called like that or something similar).
8. If there are any previous versions, use one of them, and you're done! Smile
If there's none, I'm sorry too. Sad

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Recuva would be the only other solution I can think of. Google it.

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