Weird warning msg when tempting to post..??

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"warning: Creating default object from empty value in /www/htdocs/goofans-live/www/modules/forum/forum.module on line 219."

1.Do I need to be concerned with above message?

2.Searching, Searching....unable to locate goo log through any of the methods suggested.

3.Addins that do start include msg:

"you have the temporary version"go to
Unable to download there either..??
Have purchased the game twice through Big Fish. Also Shockwave.
Does Shockwave interface with new addins showing on Chptr One?
Currently addins are not showing. Can only play through GooTool.
4.After 10 minutes or so - System gives crash notice with msg to "close now".

"you already have this download, "reload again" , with both "yes" and "no" - still unable to open.

4. Do I need to clear all and simply repurchase the game?

Sorry this is a wordy mess. I am not a programer, just still enjoy this game.


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Don't worry, it's just a little bug of this site. Nothing serious. It won't affect your game whatsoever, so nothing to be concerned about Wink

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It's a warning message, in any case. If it said "Error" or something like that, you'd have cause for concern. As it is, just ignore it.

Though it sounds to me like you're saying that you're unable to play addins. Is this the case? Could you be more specific if it is, and describe what you're doing and what happens?

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You are so right. Sometimes can launch addins and more often not. Those I can open (Another Planet, Awsome Level, Beauty&Ugly ) With system crashing with above msg.
Post of 7/21 is more descriptive.
I just keep trying a work around to no avail.
Don't understand why levels are not showing on Chptr. One as they certainly did previously.
Am not able to locate GooLog.
System is XP.
There appear to be some great looking addins still. Just can't seem to open.
Can locate on C: but it will not open for play.

thanks for your patience. This normally very persistent player is just feeling :+(.


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I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding you here.
What is the exact error message? What are the exact steps you're doing that causes the error to occur, and when does the error message appear? If GooTool used to run addins fine and doesn't now, it sounds to me like something in your original World of Goo installation changed, so make sure that it still runs fine outside of GooTool. If not, you definitely want to reinstall the game from Big Fish/Shockwave/wherever.

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The message "you have the temporary version" sounds like it might be "you have the demo version". Do you have the demo or the full game? If you have the demo, be warned that most addins won't work with it.

If you have the full game, check that you don't have the demo still installed somewhere.