Can't change my goofans profile picture

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I deleted my current picture and browsed the new one. The new one was 80x85 size and about 14kb big. I uploaded the new one, but then the old one was showed as my profile picture. I cannot find the issue nor can I find anything that could solve this issue. Help!

Nvm, I found the issue, and it was because the picture was PNG and I needed JPEG.

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No, either PNG, GIF or JPEG work fine. However, your browser will by default cache images, so if you change your image, it may take a while for the browser to recognize the new image. You can clear the cache manually via your browser settings, or you can wait a few days/weeks.

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Depending on the browser, you can sometimes force it to reload a page without the cache by pressing the "reload" button in the URL bar.

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Nvm, I already changed the image by just changing the PNG to JPEG, so I'll just have my pictures for profile as JPEGs if I ever want to change again. Thought the one I have right now looks quite nice, wouldn't you say?