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Madpainter's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 93
Balls collected: 721
Total time played: 1 day 4 hours
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
237 bound
63 free
0 new
Construction: 149 nodes
383 strands
Height: 17.47m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:29
Small Divide-1 balls1591:11
Hang Low-5 balls17112:14
Impale Sticky-11 balls31252:08
Ivy Towers-7 balls9854:45
Flying Machine+63 time661:19
Tumbler-15 balls20212:13
Chain+0 balls25496:33
Fisty's Bog+10 moves8242:05
Tower of Goo-15 balls53582:51
Ode to the Bridge Builder-12 balls26382:28
Regurgitation Pumping Station+67 moves01099:13
Drool-11 balls13252:38
Fly Away Little Ones-1 balls11943:59
Blustery Day-3 balls15713:59
Welcoming Unit-10 balls51183:15
Beauty School+2 time1860:23
Leap Hole+57 time8111:10
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa+40 moves18707:12
Whistler+52 time2521:21
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle-10 balls191318:45
The Red Carpet+32 moves18774:38
Genetic Sorting Machine+102 moves181267:02
Burning Man+14 moves6252:06
Second Hand Smoke-10 balls15151:36
Misty's Long Bony Road-7 balls19493:45
The Third Wheel+19 moves17282:16
Water Lock+0 balls4461:49
Super Fuse Challenge Time-17 balls15301:22
Upper Shaft-31 balls14553:29
You Have To Explode The Head-27 balls22813:42
Incineration Destination+0 moves16342:47
Product Launcher+28 moves0403:22
Hello, World+59 time4121:08
Bulletin Board System-7 balls6332:16
Grape Vine Virus-8 balls5915:28
Graphic Processing Unit-1 balls11302:49
Road Blocks+44 moves9664:34
Graceful Failure+60 time6211:36
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+0 balls42182:59
The Server Farm-2 balls22141:39
MOM's Computer+116 moves013110:53
Deliverance+17 moves0243:08
Infesty the Worm-11 balls5423:43
Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee-32 balls8755:08
5 / 40 721 1,989 153:26
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Albino's Bridge Passage+3 balls39282:06
Basic Period-5 balls19171:17
Beauty Ball Buster+36 moves18594:17
Blue Hills-30 balls8332:09
Burning inside the Beauty Eyes+6 moves15241:44
Climbing Down-8 balls33261:52
Darkness at | the Black Factory-25 balls20594:09
Definite Factory Tower-5 balls55412:09
Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury-16 balls32526:02
Down the Drain+1242 time426223:42
Entering a Red Vine-7 balls13100:39
Far Lands - level 1+0 balls1430:29
Far Lands - level 2-5 balls11191:29
Far Lands - level 3+2 time11130:42
Far Lands - level 4-7 balls8221:50
Far Lands - level 5-15 balls6765:17
Far Lands - level 6-22 balls7555:10
Far Lands - level 7-6 balls3219114:24
Far Lands - level 8+50 time4371:49
Fly the Goos to the Sky+21 time880:41
Fosters Home-51 balls601248:38
Fuses of the Light-29 balls23757:18
Future Frozen Ice-38 balls201158:53
Growing Against Time-16 balls35935:48
Horror of the | Deadly Metal Balls-17 balls331055:50
Ideal Lands-6 balls13150:57
Master of Launching-14 balls5301:59
Ridge Cave-2 balls26211:16
Server Bytes Back-8 balls11393:46
Shaking Bug Lover-23 balls13343:11
Slanting Cross-6 balls14160:55
Solar Sunset-33 balls16312:17
Spider Goo+16 moves8272:06
Sticky on Fire+0 balls16452:24
Sunny Ledge-5 balls11242:58
Superstar+202 time15733:47
The Final Challenge+215 moves5433021:24
The Legends between | Red and White-20 balls14342:46
The Old Pc Tower+0 balls24464:47
The Stripped Way-23 balls31735:45
Train of Death+14 moves9150:55
Trinities of | Fire and Stone-21 balls9232:46
Walking bridge-4 balls16827:27
Water Supportage Unit-4 balls29123:36
Yellow Robot, Mysteries | and Dragon Tribes-34 balls311038:03