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Rainbow Balloon
nice balloons fisty

Change balloon to seven different random colours


Drool2 is a synthetic level. You can see some things from old levels, but the goo balls are sleeping. You have to wake them up, but it's not easy. Try to do it Smile !

> WoG@baidu

The Red Cave


Now I released the "Blue Cave" and the "Green Cave". I just re-colorized the images. You can download them clicking the Downloads tab.

Iv'e found 2 ways to beat this level. Well, DaB found the 3rd way!
Enjoy, and don't forget to post your scores and any bugs!

Version 0.3 changes:
(Again) fixed a bug where Goo Balls get stuck. 

The Gully
From the start

My first attempt at level building. It's the Beauty School layout, except this time you start down below and work your way up. Use the Ivy Goo Balls wisely to achieve level OCD.

Destroying Unit
Deadly hammer

Help Goo Balls to avoid deadly hammer with spikes.

Try to save all 28 balls! (This is OCD)

In this level I created the most invulnerable chain in the World of Goo.
Probably it's totaly inpossible to destroy it.

Collect and Go
Screen from level.

My 1st level to WOG Wink

  • Level design: WOGVeryBigFan
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler
  • Music: Kyle Gabler

Thanks to WOG Editor video-tutorial autor Wink

Bug fixed!

Radioactive Theme
Chapter 5 new look!

Changes a lot of things: The logo, the title screen name (to "World of Nothinggoo"), colorizes chapter icons and backgrounds, modifies ivy, common, balloon, undead and pokey balls (more ball modification to come) (mutated shrooms to come Tongue)

HAHAHA! the versions skip from 0.2 to 1.3, but that is intended. All the versions in between were failing.

Color Citadel

World Of Tangram: Color Citadel is my tenth chapter. The chapter was released on March 30, 2016. This is my only chapter to be dominated by custom images not based from raw images of the original World of Goo. There are 12 levels and most of them are very difficult. One example is the single level “Color Bombing” and its sub-levels. Techniques are very hard to perform and execute. This is the first chapter I made with a new computer which is a budget computer.

Single levels:

"Tangram Bridges"
Released: March 11, 2016

"Color Bombing"
Released: March 14, 2016

The Informationalized Factory

This is the second ENS factory(my second chapter, too)
The Informationalized Factory!
This factory is about the Internet, tech and so on...
And 14 normal levels included, and 9 or more Easter Egg levels hidden in it.
WARNING: Don't launch any mods to Chapter 4 at the same time!

The Story Line...
As goos were on the travel, they got an informationalized factory that seems so informational.
They got something at the gate,
the cookie/cookies

Ascension Mission
Who puts ladybugs on their desktop anyway?

Part of Computer Craziness pack.