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Pilots and ISH balls

It's a level created by me (PilotsAndISH-es).

Fly from the Planet

It's simple.
Isn't so good but I think you like it.
Version 0.2:
Ground line is at bigger height

New Machineries

This sample gives plenty of ideas for goomoders who like geometry.This addin'sfeatures and IDEAS ARE THESE:
-a composite geometry created like the shape of a gear
-geometrical travel-through
-geometrical treads
-goo treads

This sample ends my first season of addins.
I will be back on JUNE!!!
I got bigger things to do this May 2014


The Covered Pipe

This is just a variation of the theme I used in Elusive Sentient Arctic Blockheads. It's a bit easier.

Leap Of Faith
This what the level looks like

this level was made a long time ago, the goal of this level is to get the ivy into the pipe as no other goo can get in

Slide On The Blocks 2

I continued making levels, and now I finish a level. It is the second Slide On The Blocks series. I think I have found all uses of the blocks Tongue. I think I will not make such levels any more.

Goos are in a blue world! They want to leave here. But it isn't easy. They know it's dangerous but they wanna have a challenge. Help them with it!

Particles Used:

1. ishb_digitalrain
2. ish_bigfire

They r made by myself!

The Grey Jail

It's the sequel of Running Away From Fire, the second part of the story of fuse. Wink

The one says,
After getting out of the Underground, the fuses planned to get back to the place they belong to.
And they started to walk home.
On the way, a wrong step, they fell into a grey jail and were apart in the different rooms.
For going out, they need to be together again.
And in the jail, they found some strange goos and familiar goos.
Will they survive and continue to go home? Let's see...

To be continued...

From The Void

"From The Void" is the second single level from my second chapter Black and White. This was the first single level to feature the late gg.

.SlipKnoT._2_2 Levels Chronology

"The Noir Bomb"|"From The Void"|"Geargiarsenal"

Geargiarsenal level from .5: The Gear Chapter. It is featured as the first level in it. This level was released simultaneously with the teaser video i made for the chapter.

It is featured in The KnoT Fest level pack.

.SlipKnoT._2_2 Levels Chronology

"From The Void"|"Geargiarsenal"|"Weight Regulation"
Rotary Club

"Rotary Club" is the third single level released for the chapter .5: The Gear Chapter. The level is a combination of concepts from 3 previous levels from the chapter Black n' White. In the chapter, "Rotary Club" is the 6th level in the sequence.

2 bonus levels are added.

Level list

1.Rotary Club
2.Destroyer of Wheels II
3.Rotary Club (In PlazTiK 3D)

.SlipKnoT._2_2 Levels Chronology