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My GomSun, 03/31/2013 - 04:1139.29m1,1173 days 3 hours
My GomMon, 10/20/2014 - 09:363.39m1,2394 days 17 min
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My Gom's Challenge Levels V: Object Cracks

My series challenge level.
This is the fifth part: Object Cracks
It's the easiest of all my CLs! I think so.
Well, you need to find the hiding cracks to get to the pipe IN TIME(180s)
Goal: 2 balls
OCD: 60 sec.
Good luck to you!


P1: Play On A Swing
P2: Block of Architecture

My Gom's Challenge Levels IV: The One Ball

My series challenge level.
This is the fourth part: The One Ball(aka Pinball Player)
You have only one white goo ball at the beginning and the One Ball.
And you need to use the goo to whack the One Ball to make it.Wink
Of course, it's a bit hard but possible!
Goal: 2 balls
OCD: 3 balls.


P1: Play On A Swing
P2: Block of Architecture

The Grey Jail

It's the sequel of Running Away From Fire, the second part of the story of fuse. Wink

The one says,
After getting out of the Underground, the fuses planned to get back to the place they belong to.
And they started to walk home.
On the way, a wrong step, they fell into a grey jail and were apart in the different rooms.
For going out, they need to be together again.
And in the jail, they found some strange goos and familiar goos.
Will they survive and continue to go home? Let's see...

To be continued...

Mysterious ISH Color World Bonus: The yellow World


The next of MICW.
@Jim2102 said that he will send his mod to me but I can't download them Sad .And I'll be offline for a long time from the day after today.So I have to upload my mod at first.
P.S. Jim, if you've finished your level, upload it here.
P.P.S:Thanks @My gom for his images.

Running Away From Fire

The one says,
The fuses got a hard-won chance to travel to the Underground.
And which for some reasons no one can explain...the whole Underground is burning and hot, they need and want to get out of here.
But soon they find that if they wanna get out, they need to kill some of them...
Will they do that? Let's see...

To be continued...

This level was made last year, and at that time I'd meant to upload it, but for some reasons, I had forgotten...So now, I've made some changes to it and uploaded it. And it is not so hard to pass!
Please enjoy and rate it!


To celebrate New Year!
In this new year, let's go to catch the smartest animal in this world! So what's the smartest animal?
It is...
Don't ask me for this, you can read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for this.
Maybe you must stay at home with your family, but don't worry.
This level can make you feel the pleasure of fishing, though it's a bit hard.
But it won't be harder than you do this in real life.
To boldly click Install Now! It won't split you.

Mysterious Fuel Factory

This is my first level pack, and now it's a NEW CHAPTER!(may become a new chapter)!
Mysterious Fuel Factory-one factory of the ENS Factories!.
That means this is a series about the ENS factories, and the factory(real name is the Ens Fuel Factory) is the one of all.


Ode to Builder

Challenging levels ...
Goal:4 Balls
OCD:30 Moves.

My Gom's Challenge Levels III: Virus Tower

My series challenge level.
This is the third part: Virus Tower.
You need more Pilots,
From Bit to Pilot.
Goal: 2 balls
OCD: 12 balls.
Have fun!


P1: Play On A Swing
P2: Block of Architecture
P4: The One Ball

Machine Hell

Run, Run, Run, Goo!
Er, my inspiration comes from mechanical hell.
It is a little difficult.
Goal: 4 balls.
OCD: 25 balls.


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