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ysrTue, 02/28/2017 - 03:5913.89m8861 day 17 hours
WOGplayerFri, 05/12/2017 - 23:2013.65m1,30715 hours 29 min
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Tower of goo challenge levels


I'm back again, and I bring this level pack.
It's a series of hard-building towers, each of them are very difficult!
So I advise if you can't play the offical level "Tower Of Goo" well, you may be crazy about it!
There are eight levels in the level pack, enjoy!

Fool Day Party

the level

The level is prepared for the April Fool Day!
it would be a little difficult,so check anywhere to solve the level!
Hope you like it!

Long Strand Level

The bomb

The level shows another way of creating a delay level.
Hope you like it!



My first three levels!
These levels would be a little difficult, but I think most people can finish it!
And there are two new balls that are funny!
Enjoy the happiness of levels!

1.5: Delete a blockhead from Joke rain
Add new level Falling Joke


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