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I have joined GooFans since December 22, 2009 and exited at January 2, 2016. I visit the site but I only reply to comments only. On September 9, 2018 I briefly returned to the site to update the screenshots of my addins. I'm fully retired at GooFans since I have no access to World of Goo and GooTool.

Before Joining GooFans (December 2009)

First of all, I started playing World of Goo since back at 2009 with my brother introduced me to this fantasic game! I have beaten all of the levels in the original game in such a time, and thinking of creating my own levels, which I found this site.

Becoming a GooFans user and Challenge Levels (December 2009-January 2010)

I created my first account namely "inwog" because that name stands for "In World of Goo" and my motto "Be creative!". My first addin, Challenge Levels was a hit which I made a set of basic and variety of challenges that I've experience watching a couple of custom levels on YouTube.

Bridge Building Across The Cliff and Metal WoG (February-March 2010)

My first single addin, Bridge Building Across The Cliff is a reformat of "Ode to the Bridge Builder" in the Original World of Goo. This was also my first level with Signposts since I made a forum during that time. The next level set addin, Metal WoG (formerly, Official Metal Levels) is my first addin with custom balls. I practiced making custom balls when WooBLE wasn't released in that time. I made it out on my new level "The Metal Sandbox". Metal WoG was released with the first 14 levels, then to 17, then 18, 20, and the 25 levels until now.

More Single Addins and The Goo Worlds (March 2010-May 2010)

It is still easy to create simple levels in the old WooGLE though it still wasn't updated during that time. This expands me to more new level addins like Fire Bridge and the reformatted Internet Technology from Metal WoG. In April 2010, The Goo Worlds was started and finished all the way with the first 21 Levels.

Element Buster Levels (May 2010-June 2010)

I gathered again my recent addin, Metal WoG to created more custom balls, which it was formed the Element Buster. The Balls there are just simply a copy of GooProduct. Furthermore, the Elemental Levels are seperately published, which it named: Virtual Reality, Deep Water Calamity, Bursting Flames of Fury, Screamers and Deaths, Power Overwhelming, and Hazardous Bridge Building.

Platforms of Goo (September 2010)

In that time, Goosweek published Platforms of Goo, a platform game based on World of Goo, which is still in test that time. I planned some of the ideas to help him improve the game so I can create my own addins of PoG in the future.

Dynamic Destroyers and Massive Computer Crisis (January 2011-April 2012)

Dynamic Destroyers was published on February 9, 2011, however it has a lot of missing images until now. The addin unfortunately is the only addin that I published in 2011, because a my computer just broke 10 months from June 2011 to April 2012. Though during April 2012, my computer was fixed.

Mystify Collision World and Geometry Hyperspace (May 2012-November 2012)

These two addins have the same number of levels, though Mystify Collision World is my biggest creation of all addins since back then. The development of the addin was very long, and the testing were having a hard time finishing the levels. It was published lately on June 2012. Then on October 2012, I made an addin that recaps my best works since the past, the addin is named Geometry Hyperspace.

Nature Worlds and The Ultimate Level Challenge (February 2013-April 2014)

Nature Worlds is like a reformatted of Challenge Levels, but with a different variety of artworks and level design. However, the addin was so late to be published, it was on July 31, 2013. Then on April 9 2013, I developed my massive Platforms of Goo addin, The Ultimate Level Challenge (formerly, The 100 Level Challenge) and it was published replacing Warping Worlds and INWOG. The addin will have updates, and the 500th Level reached in March 2014.

Bubble Quest (May 2014-May 2015)

Ever since Mystify Collision World is the biggest creation of all my addins, it was now taken to this new addin, Bubble Quest. It has 130 Levels long, though a rough concept and first times creating Custom Pipes, Cutscenes, and Totally different lineup of custom balls. Though the addin was supposed to be released in 2012 because I planned the addin for so long that I wanted to have more fun in the editor. It was my favorite addin from now.
This addin is the longest one to develop (3 months), yet I soft release the addins by every chapter. In May 1, 2015, Version 0.9 of the addin made with massive changes throughout the game.

The Ultimate Level Challenge 2 (July 2015-November 2015)

I still have one more plan before leaving GooFans for once more, and it's the game since way back in 2013 that I made. The Ultimate Level Challenge is back with a sequel to be made. It is released on July 22, 2015 with ULC's page (renamed as The Ultimate Level Challenge Series).
At November 22, 2015, the game is complete.

The End of my GooFans Career (November 2015-January 2016)

Sadly, with the last version of the ULC2 comes out, I'm leaving GooFans since I had a lot of errands going on my life. I can't focus on one game since those seven years that I have become a GooFans member. Gladly that I have made 407 levels throughout my journey, and it is amazing to have a record for publishing those numbers.

Well, here it is then. You can download any of my addins if you wish, but no requests because I'm done with this game and its development, and I'm proud how far I've gone through many years since then.

World of Goo

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Guest OnlyMon, 03/15/2010 - 07:451.14m6953 hours 55 min
TimothyTue, 09/16/2014 - 04:5124.00m1,3004 weeks 1 day
Addins by inwog

Challenge Levels 2: The Goo Skills

Poster of Challenge Levels 2

Challenge Levels 2 is the new version of Challenge Levels. Prove your skills by finishing 15 classes of challenge. Brainstorm yourself to solve your way. Read signposts to see goal and ocd.

Level made by inwog.

Hazardous Bridge Building (Earth Level)

Hazardous Bridge Building (Earth Level)


One of the Hardest Levels ever in the element buster pack. In this level, there are 5 Albinos, 10 Ivies and plenty of black goo balls to build a bridge. There are two types of hazards in this level, storm clouds and spikes. This level is similar to my level "Bridge Building Across the Cliff". Collect Earth Goo Balls to get OCD and bonus.

inwog's 13th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog.

Power Overwhelming (Light Level)

Power Overwhelming (Light Level)


This level is way too long! In this level, you have to use 5 Sticky Bombs carefully to explode something. A lot of people confused here because of blast walls! There are Light Goo Balls at this level, which makes goo balls more powerful and protected by any disasters. Obtain Light Goo Balls to get OCD and especially a bonus.

inwog's 12th Single Level Addin.
Level made by inwog.

Screamers and Deaths (Darkness Level)

Screamers and Deaths (Darkness Level)


Yup, this is true. This level is the one you can't see the Darkness Goo Balls. Try finding them everywhere. There are some blocks blocking up the side of the "cliff", you need to destroy them so you can get the goo balls free to move. Find and collect the Darkness Goo Balls to gain OCD and bonus.

inwog's 11th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog

Bursted Flames of Fury (Fire Level)

Bursted Flames of Fury (Fire Level)


Well, this is my 10th single level addin now. I used all types of Bombs (except for Z Bomxs) in this level. My last problem was the dynamic object moving around and I don't know why. Gain Fire Goo Balls for bonus or OCD addition.

inwog's 10th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog

Deep Water Calamity (Water Level)

Deep Water Calamity (Water Level)


Deep Water Calamity is the second level of the Element Buster pack. I know it's easy, but the level design is too easy for me to work on. Collect Water Goo Balls to gain bonus and OCD!

inwog's 9th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog

Virtual Reality (Wind Level)

Virtual Reality (Wind Level)


This is the first level in Element Buster Pack. For this level, it contains Wind Goo Balls, collect them to gain bonus for OCD. For now, this level is so long and can be done in a lot of moves.

inwog's 8th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog

Element Buster

Preview: Element Buster

Element Buster is my 7th level. It resembles of the level Product Launcher, except I used element balls instead of Z Bombs. The OCD for this level isn't good but actually, someone can beat this one.

There are levels used the balls in this level, they are:
1. Virtual Reality (Wind Level)
2. Deep Water Calamity (Water level)
3. Bursted Flames of Fury (Fire Level)
4. Screamers and Deaths (Darkness Level)
5. Power Overwhelming (Light Level)
6. Hazardous Bridge Building (Earth Level)

Click here to see this level and its sub-levels.

inwog's 7th Single Level Addin
Level made by inwog

Pill Runover

Preview: Pill Runover

Pill Runover is a level that is the same as Deliverance. This is my first level with an endoncollision exit type. This level consist of two versions just like Fire Bridge, Easy and Hard. Easy has 3 Basements while Hard has 6 Basements (actually, it has 7 basements).

inwog's 6th single level addin.
Level made by inwog.

Unofficial Metal Level.

Volcano Craziness

Preview: Volcano Craziness

Volcano Craziness is my 5th Single Level addin. In this level, two volcanoes has an ability to raise any things higher. This level is so annoying and fun!

There are secrets in this level, so find them to get OCD!

inwog's 5th Single Level Addin.
Level made by inwog.


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