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This was originally just going to be another bonus level for my Whack Pack, but after I kept adding more things to it I decided to release it separately.

As you might expect from me, the difficulty level is very high, so try at your peril to complete it. Evil

Little Inferno Level Creation Contest

It's Little Inferno Just For Me!

These are all four entries from the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. The contest is over now, but feel free to play the levels below!

The level-by-level breakdown, as well as the winner, can be found here.

Teddy Vengeance (aka Feardrop)

This is an improved version of my entry for the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest.
Teddy Vengeance was the original name for the level, but I had to change it cos of a silly mistake I made.

*Version 2.0
A few little improvements, mainly ones to make it easier to understand what to do.

Juggle goo

This is a simple sandbox level including juggling skill. You can juggle up to 10 balls here and train yourself as there is no level exit. Have fun and please rate and comment. Peter B is an additional author for this cause it was HIS idea of the juggling style. You can download his addin here to challenge yourself on his juggling level and other levels. Install Peter B's addin here:

Whack Pack: Balance of Fury

This is a collection of 10 levels altogether. The main 7 require the same kind of skill and will test how good you really are at balancing.
The 3 bonus levels will need a variety of other skills to complete them.


Version 0.3
Changed the directory names

Festive Feast

Its Christmas, and to celebrate, I’ve made a nice festive level for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.

The stars have been abandoned in the box, and its your job to get them to the tree before Christmas day comes.

Feel free to post time & move scores as well as balls collected.

Here's a spoiler video showing what to do for max goo.

Down & Out

Starting point

This is my first level, it was a bit of a pain to make, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Your aim is to build up to the sleeping goo and wake them, thus allowing you to build to the opposite side, wake the goo, and so on, all the way to the top. Sounds simple, but there’s a twist.
(If you fail to wake them, then you'll need to retry)

Comments and ratings are welcome.


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