Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee

End of the World

Normal: 8 balls
OCD: 40 balls

Previous level:
Infesty the Worm.
Next level:
Observatory Observation Station.

blue sky smackdown


The raw, scientifically pure Goo is all that's left.
But they appear to be filled with hope and ambition!
I remember when I used to have hope and ambition.
Of course, they will never be able to build a bridge.
It's probably best to skip this area and never come back.
Nobody will even notice.
-but the Sign Painter will know

The pipe is over that way.
But no one will ever get to it.
-the well adjusted Sign Painter

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World of Goo OCD+8 - Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee (48 balls)
World of Goo OCD+8 - Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee (48 balls)
by davidc32346.
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Balls Used

<level ballsrequired="8" letterboxed="false" visualdebug="false" autobounds="false" textcolor="255,255,255" texteffects="true" timebugprobability="0.333" strandgeom="false" allowskip="true" >
	<!-- Camera -->
	<camera aspect="normal" endpos="-14.47,805.11" endzoom="0.381">
		<poi pos="781.91,676.59" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="0.65" />
		<poi pos="19.69,945.96" traveltime="4" pause="0.8" zoom="0.321" />
		<poi pos="-771.96,659.98" traveltime="4" pause="0" zoom="0.746" />
	<camera aspect="widescreen" endpos="-10,711.58" endzoom="0.509">
		<poi pos="558.09,676.59" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="0.65" />
		<poi pos="0,945.96" traveltime="4" pause="0.8" zoom="0.391" />
		<poi pos="-666.31,659.98" traveltime="4" pause="0" zoom="0.746" />
	<!-- Music -->
	<!-- Loop Sound -->
	<!-- Fire -->
	<!-- Signposts -->
		<signpost name="signpost_brown" depth="-8" x="-652.84" y="450.3" scalex="0.89" scaley="0.987" rotation="-105.52" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_SIGNPOST_BROWN" text="SIGNPOST_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_1"   />
		<signpost name="signpost_brown" depth="-160" x="-832.18" y="2119.39" scalex="0.89" scaley="0.987" rotation="-14.99" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_SIGNPOST_BROWN" text="SIGNPOST_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_2"   />
	<!-- Pipes -->
	<pipe id="0" depth="0" >
		<Vertex x="813" y="1037" />
		<Vertex x="813" y="1368" />
		<Vertex x="888" y="1368" />
		<Vertex x="888" y="1443" />
		<Vertex x="763" y="1443" />
		<Vertex x="763" y="1620" />
		<Vertex x="865" y="1620" />
		<Vertex x="865" y="2430" />
	<!-- Balls -->
	<BallInstance type="balloon" x="-797" y="675" id="0" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="910" y="783" id="1" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="873" y="783" id="2" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="833" y="783" id="3" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="799" y="783" id="4" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="755" y="783" id="5" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="714" y="783" id="6" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="677" y="782" id="7" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="638.5" y="782.5" id="8" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-914" y="813" id="9" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-848" y="817" id="10" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-788.24" y="979.18" id="11" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-773.24" y="916.17" id="12" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-869.25" y="922.17" id="13" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-784" y="566" id="14" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-901" y="673" id="15" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-831" y="621" id="16" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="AnchorSticky" x="-709.33" y="572.67" id="17" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-823" y="932" id="18" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-955" y="567" id="19" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-796" y="644" id="20" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-797" y="792" id="21" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-829" y="715" id="22" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-861" y="713" id="23" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-754" y="568" id="24" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-861" y="637" id="25" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-832" y="601" id="26" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-882" y="569" id="27" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-755" y="712" id="28" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-748" y="758" id="29" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-889" y="705" id="30" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-828" y="639" id="31" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-897" y="852" id="32" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-800" y="752" id="33" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-866" y="671" id="34" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-722" y="616" id="35" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-738" y="814" id="36" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-935" y="747" id="37" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-795" y="820" id="38" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-832" y="901" id="39" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-868" y="843" id="40" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-873" y="778" id="41" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-829" y="866" id="42" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-859" y="869" id="43" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-799" y="876" id="44" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-768" y="838" id="45" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-820" y="834" id="46" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-881" y="812" id="47" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-913" y="773" id="48" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-729" y="704" id="49" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-927" y="601" id="50" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-794" y="708" id="51" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-830" y="758" id="52" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-769" y="622" id="53" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-737" y="647" id="54" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-772" y="671" id="55" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-918" y="569" id="56" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-923" y="700" id="57" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-871" y="749" id="58" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-951.33" y="791" id="59" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-769.33" y="795" id="60" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-712" y="746" id="61" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-829" y="789" id="62" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-712.33" y="788.33" id="63" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-745" y="599" id="64" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-797" y="598" id="65" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-868" y="597" id="66" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-926" y="675" id="67" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-908" y="723" id="68" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-920" y="645" id="69" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-894" y="621" id="70" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-953" y="671" id="71" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-712.33" y="667.67" id="72" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-831" y="667" id="73" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-833" y="567" id="74" angle="0" />
	<!-- Arms -->
	<Strand gb1="71" gb2="62" />
	<Strand gb1="59" gb2="62" />
	<Strand gb1="62" gb2="63" />
	<Strand gb1="71" gb2="59" />
	<Strand gb1="73" gb2="62" />
	<Strand gb1="63" gb2="73" />
	<Strand gb1="72" gb2="63" />
	<Strand gb1="59" gb2="73" />
	<Strand gb1="62" gb2="72" />
	<Strand gb1="73" gb2="17" />
	<Strand gb1="74" gb2="72" />
	<Strand gb1="17" gb2="74" />
	<Strand gb1="72" gb2="17" />
	<Strand gb1="73" gb2="72" />
	<Strand gb1="71" gb2="19" />
	<Strand gb1="73" gb2="71" />
	<Strand gb1="74" gb2="73" />
	<Strand gb1="19" gb2="74" />
	<Strand gb1="71" gb2="74" />
	<!-- Level Exit -->
	<levelexit id="theExit" pos="813,1037" radius="75" filter="" >
<scene minx="-1400" miny="0" maxx="1400" maxy="2400" backgroundcolor="0,0,0" >
	<!-- ForceFields -->
	<linearforcefield id="helper1" type="gravity" center="-1219.8054,1209.1514" width="363.0317" height="2418.3027" force="5,2" dampeningfactor="0" antigrav="false" geomonly="false" enabled="true" water="false" />
	<linearforcefield type="gravity" force="0,-10" dampeningfactor="0.5" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" />
	<!-- Particles -->
	<particles effect="bigleaves1" depth="240" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="smallleaves1" depth="-240" pretick="0" />
	<!-- SceneLayers -->
	<SceneLayer name="lf2" depth="160" x="492.1" y="856.06" scalex="7.03" scaley="7.03" rotation="0" alpha="0.30000001192093" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_LF2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="lf2" depth="160" x="-604" y="742.06" scalex="7.03" scaley="7.03" rotation="0" alpha="0.40000000596046" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_LF2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="p2" depth="0" x="771.01" y="385.95" scalex="1.04" scaley="1.528" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_P2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="p1" depth="0" x="-830.73" y="277.32" scalex="1" scaley="1.092" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_P1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="gear1blur" depth="-8" x="769.92" y="443.75" scalex="0.795" scaley="0.795" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="0,0,0" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_GEAR1BLUR" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="gear1blur" depth="-8" x="577.25" y="587.08" scalex="0.471" scaley="0.471" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="0,0,0" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_GEAR1BLUR" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="gear1blur" depth="-8" x="-816.75" y="355.75" scalex="0.471" scaley="0.471" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="0,0,0" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_GEAR1BLUR" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="-1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="gear1blur" depth="-8" x="-708" y="483.5" scalex="0.342" scaley="0.342" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="0,0,0" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_GEAR1BLUR" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="-1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-8" x="804.26" y="766.37" scalex="0.985" scaley="0.931" rotation="12.77" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-8" x="-869.15" y="570.96" scalex="0.808" scaley="0.808" rotation="2.45" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="tree_sil_1" depth="-8.8" x="967.61" y="799.61" scalex="0.44" scaley="0.44" rotation="-33.31" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_TREE_SIL_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="tree_sil_1" depth="-8.8" x="919.11" y="843.59" scalex="0.665" scaley="0.665" rotation="-8.05" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_TREE_SIL_1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="signpostPole_brown" depth="-8.8" x="-671.52" y="459.57" scalex="1" scaley="1.074" rotation="-103.4" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_SIGNPOSTPOLE_BROWN"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bg_hills_bleeding" depth="-400" x="-42.05" y="169.62" scalex="5.429" scaley="5.241" rotation="3.79" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_BG_HILLS_BLEEDING"   />
		<SceneLayer name="wogcCloud2" depth="-160" x="737.89" y="487.97" scalex="1.399" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_WOGCCLOUD2"   />
		<SceneLayer name="wogcCloud2" depth="-320" x="-1042.76" y="764" scalex="3.497" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_WOGCCLOUD2"   />
		<SceneLayer name="wogcCloud2" depth="-160" x="618.42" y="1193.04" scalex="3.497" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_WOGCCLOUD2"   />
		<SceneLayer name="wogcCloud2" depth="-160" x="-912.48" y="2035.11" scalex="3.497" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_WOGCCLOUD2"   />
		<SceneLayer name="signpostPole_brown" depth="-168" x="-839.27" y="2098.58" scalex="1" scaley="1.074" rotation="-12.88" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_SIGNPOSTPOLE_BROWN"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bg" depth="-560" x="0.01" y="1165.55" scalex="10.949" scaley="8.394" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HTINNOVATIONCOMMITTEE_BG"   />
	<!-- Buttons -->
	<!-- Labels -->
	<!-- Static Geometry -->
	<compositegeom id="killbottom2" x="761.9897" y="169.4004" rotation="0" static="true" tag="deadly" material="machine" >
		<rectangle id="" x="93.5625" y="-273.5122" width="133.1035" height="407.1072" rotation="0.216" />
		<rectangle id="" x="75.4805" y="81.8789" width="157.327" height="248.8212" rotation="-0.4305" />
		<rectangle id="" x="121.0049" y="371.8472" width="147.8743" height="168.305" rotation="-0.6142" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-174.2373" y="400.6499" width="51.0002" height="135.0319" rotation="0.5202" />
		<circle id="" x="37.5103" y="-26.9004" radius="86.5" />
		<circle id="" x="-0.1562" y="264.0991" radius="69.8335" />
		<circle id="" x="107.5103" y="227.0996" radius="103.5" />
		<circle id="" x="-179.6562" y="417.9321" radius="49.3335" />
		<circle id="" x="-51.9897" y="365.5996" radius="121" />
	<compositegeom id="p2" x="776" y="655" rotation="0" static="true" tag="walkable" material="sticky" >
		<circle id="" x="126" y="0" radius="111" />
		<circle id="" x="-134.5" y="8.5" radius="102.5" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-0.5059" y="27" width="262.9883" height="168" rotation="0" />
	<compositegeom id="killbottom" x="-824.7253" y="73.1831" rotation="0" static="true" tag="deadly" material="machine" >
		<rectangle id="" x="0.687" y="-152.8306" width="101.9144" height="610.6521" rotation="-0.0883" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-6.7708" y="330.3169" width="85" height="203" rotation="0" />
		<circle id="" x="19.563" y="282.6499" radius="34.8331" />
		<circle id="" x="116.2295" y="410.6499" radius="34.8331" />
		<circle id="" x="-8.7708" y="168.3169" radius="84.5" />
		<rectangle id="" x="95.2861" y="402.4487" width="58.8929" height="82.4062" rotation="-0.5457" />
		<rectangle id="" x="39.1294" y="374.6182" width="108.1656" height="105.3026" rotation="0.4744" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-48.8701" y="343.6182" width="105.302" height="108.1658" rotation="-0.7171" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-84.5168" y="399.9497" width="108.1654" height="91.0963" rotation="0.3551" />
	<rectangle id="p1" static="true" tag="walkable" material="rock" x="-831.9961" y="524" width="286" height="52" rotation="0" />
	<line id="bottom" static="true" tag="deadly" material="rock" anchor="-242.9998,-254.4453" normal="0,1" />
	<!-- Dynamic Geometry -->
	<!-- Geometry Constraints -->