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The Only Addin that I publish on 2011 before my computer crashed

Join the goo balls to destroy blocks in an airship across 5 worlds: Sky World, Ice World, Cave World, Cloud World, and Lava World. Destroy blocks in different ways to play like powerful green launchers, higher mass white singles, and igniter red flames. It has plenty of ideas to show how can you destroy blocks. 30 Levels to complete, 30 Gold Medals to achieve and levels rise its difficulty of each world.


Worlds of Dynamic Destroyers are unlocked when you beat the sixth level of each world. But in Lava World Level 6, which is the last level stopped and must obtain medals. There are 5 Worlds, each of them introduces new types of Blocks, Balls, and Utilities.

Sky World - The World of fresh air and peace, basically introduces new concepts for new Dynamic Destroyers Players.

Encounters: Normal Blocks, Starting Balls, Common Balls, Launchers, Forces, and Geomkillers

Ice World - The World of freezing water and snow, one of the worlds you see the barriers. The airship charges to smash ice glaciers to pass through this world.

Encounters: Blue Balls, Spikes, and Gears.

Cave World - The World of crystals and darkness, all of the balls changes its appearance into darker versions of them. Some levels increased their difficulty to challenge you into a darkness battle.

Encounters: Steel Blocks, Single Balls, and Circles

Cloud World - The World of sunset and fireflies, does this world is similar to Sky World? Tough luck, but all the air in this world has been transfered to the huge air lifter.

Encounters: Sticky Balls, and Air Lifters.

Lava World - The World of fire and orange fluid, the last world seems to be scary and deadly, but all of the levels are hard. Meltdowns and Lava Dragons occur on our airship to destroy it.

Encounters: Fire Blocks, Flame Balls, Lava Bombs, and Lava.

New Features

30 Levels total, 6 levels per each world to finish. New powerful balls will be encountered and more blocks to discover like the mighty steel block.

Medals are awarded, if you unlock a new level, you gained a normal medal automatically, if you got OCD, you've obtained a Gold Medal replacing the normal medal. If you got all Gold Medals, you are the master of destroying blocks! All of the OCD are possible, and I got all of the Gold Medals.

All of the levels uses the "endonnogeom" end condition instead a level and pipe. If all blocks is being destroyed, the level fades out and unlocks a new level.

The Sign Painter explains each level and how to beat it, but some of the levels uses the story of the airship.

Objects in Dynamic Destroyers

The objects in Dynamic Destroyers are categorized into 3 categories:

Blocks - Vast Majority of the game, and must be destroyed.

1. Normal Blocks - First found in Sky World Level 1, they are destroyable from balls and utilities. It's appearance is like a crate.

2. Steel Blocks - First found in Cave World Level 1, these mighty blocks carries 2x of the mass of a Normal Block and it can be destroyed by utilities. It's appearance is like a metal crate.

3. Fire Blocks - First found in Lava World Level 1, like the Normal Blocks, but its ability can kill balls except for Flame Balls and Lava Bombs. It's appearance is like a glowing lava crate.

Balls - Your army of balls will help you to destroy blocks better.
1. Starting Balls - First found in Sky World Level 1, forms the structures in the levels automatically.

2. Launchers - First found in Sky World Level 1, the common balls that can destroy blocks in launch attribute. It lasts for 2 seconds to ignite.

3. Common Balls - First found in Sky World Level 2, these are draggable balls that can expand your starting structure to make launcher balls higher to launch.

4. Blue Balls - First found in Ice World Level 1, like the common balls, these balls have the ability to detach and reattach itself.

5. Single Balls - First found in Cave World Level 2, it's a unique ball that can push objects in a higher strength. Single Balls doesn't make strands like other balls.

6. Sticky Balls - First found in Cloud World Level 1, a special balls that can stick to walls and reattach itself.

7. Flame Balls - First found in Lava World Level 1, like common balls, these balls are flammable when it ignites to an active fire. These can help Lava Bombs to ignite. Flame Balls are immune to Fire blocks.

8. Lava Bombs - First found in Lava World Level 1, draggable and detachable bombs that can destroy blocks in a larger radius. Lava Bombs are immune to Fire Blocks. It lasts for 3 seconds to ignite.

Utilities - The rare objects that can help you in the game, but it can be an obstacle during the game.

1. Forces - First found in Sky World Level 3, these transparent arrows can direct objects in its direction.

2. Geomkillers - First found in Sky World Level 4, these transparent static objects destroy and kinds of blocks including Circles.

3. Spikes - First found in Ice World Level 2, these objects are half helpers and obstacles in the game. It can destroy blocks/kill balls in a flat surface.

4. Gears - First found in Ice World Level 3, these objects are half helpers and obstacles in the game. It can destroy blocks/kills balls in a circular shape.

5. Circles - First found in Cave World Level 2, one of the objects that are dynamic and must be destroyed by a Geomkillers, Spikes or Gears. These objects can destroy blocks when a blocks collide with this utility.

6. Air Lifters - First found in Cloud World Level 1, it acts like a force, but instead it has a booster and a small force that pushes objects upwards.

7. Lava - First found in Lava World Level 2, a liquid utility that floats objects in its fluid appearance. Launchers in this utility have problems to pickup them.

Unique Objects

Some levels contains different objects that has special abilities to do:

Ash Stick - This object contains 3 active fires to easily hangs fires and never burns, and it was found in Sky World Level 3. Torch Rockets weren't discovered yet.

No Active Fires - Sky World Level 4 and Ice World Level 6 doesn't have active fires, but instead they use Geomkiller Utilities to destroy the blocks.

Barriers - These objects are often used in levels to make blockers and destroyable objects. This can be used to cover negative utilities. Every World, the barrier changes its appearance (except for Sky World). From Ice to Lava Worlds, the 4 materials of a barriers are Ice, Crystal, Bronze, and Lava.

Extinguished Torches - They are like active fires, but with no fire at their torches. These were only found in Ice World Level 3 and Cave World Level 4.

The Airship's Sail - This object has nothing to do, but uses its design to make into a sail. It was only found in Ice World Level 4.

Take a look at the screenshots and see how Dynamic Destroyers is being played.

You have to download all six parts in order to play all together and only the six parts of the gooomod is checked. No other addins will be enabled, only the six parts of Dynamic Destroyers.

1. Main Theme - the requirement part to use the other 5 parts.
2. Sky World - overrides Chapter 1, finish Observatory Observation Station.
3. Ice World - overrides Chapter 2, finish Sky World
4. Cave World - overrides Chapter 3, finish Ice World
5. Cloud World - overrides Chapter 4, finish Cave World
6. Lava World - overrides Chapter 5, finish Cloud World


These 5 Worlds came from the game "Switchball"


On May 27, 2014, inwog released World of Goo: Bubble Quest to expand more levels. All of the Dynamic Destroyers theme levels are more on story-related than just a fun level to play on. There are 26 known Orb Levels in the set.

Remaster Version

On May 28, 2016, I have confirm this addin to be remastered due to many missing key features. Here's the list of things that I want to add for the remaster version:

1. Enhanced Graphics
2. Addins below are now merged into one
3. Some levels' layouts needs to be entirely changed
4. Possibly to add the original soundtrack from Switchball and some additional music*

Take note for players who have played Dynamic Destroyers will have to restart the game from the start to experience the whole new world of the game.

3 years after the announcement, I'm starting to work on this addin and release it on late 2019.


NOTE: This is a different changelog than the other addins. I'll going to make it professional and well knowned.

Version 1.0 - February 17, 2011 - February 18, 2011
Version Summary: It was started in January 25, 2011 on making this one, suddenly on the latest release of this addin, Vladslav comment me on how Cave World Level 3 has no images. I have searched some problems on making this addin so far.

Version 1.1 - February 18, 2011 - February 19, 2011
Version Summary: An updated version in the addin to make all of the images are originally contented there in its proper folders. All the descriptions in all addins are changed.

Version 1.2 - February 19, 2011 - February 25, 2011
Version Summary: I felt so shocked when I see the rating of this addin, so I fix everything, added the loop sounds from the levels in Sky World and Cave World. The seasonal display is different than the old one, and it says "heading to ____ world".

Version 1.3 - February 25 - March 19, 2011
Version Summary: I got so far in this project, I improve the graphics of all levels and edited one level in the game, which is Ice World Level 3. At the loading screen, the text at the top it says "World of Goo: Dynamic Destroyers".

Version 1.4 - March 19, 2011 - present
Version Summary: It's been a long time making this project before, now this addin became 1 month ago. I change the graphics to match the environment to our real world. The last level's lf image wasn't matched to the torch rocket, so I fixed it and now it works! In Cave World Level 6, there's also a problem, which it doesn't have the bg and block images. So you see, I'm working hard right now, finish the last level of the game and start on block destroying to see the new graphics that I changed.

Addin made by inwog

There are 19 screenshots.

Poster of World of Goo: Dynamic Destroyers
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