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Experimental Land

I'm starting a big project - Experimental Land. It will contain many levels but now it's on development stage. You can download and play 7 levels.

List of levels

  • Strange Gravity
  • A Catchy Problem
  • Forward To The Past
  • Unwanted Visitors
  • Big Counter
  • Machine Genetica
  • The soundtrack for the chapter can be viewed here:

    Googuy57 Island
    Googuy57 Island's Cover Art by .SkipKnot._2_2

    My very first chapter! It took me a while to figure out how to make a chapter, but I managed to create it after a while!

    This chapter originally had many issues, but thanks to gooey goo, he fixed the issues! So this chapter should no longer have any bugs or errors! I also learned from him on how to decrypt bin files in the chapter's levels. Thanks gooey goo! Big smile

    Big thanks to .SlipKnoT._2_2 for the awesome cover art for Googuy57 Island!

    Levels in this chapter:

    My First Level
    Down Below
    How to Build a Tower
    Bridge of Doom
    Going Up 2
    Beauty Contest

    Lush Woods

    This chapter ROCKS!

    This chapter is the very first I uploaded to goofans.
    The ones with hyperlinks are here, whilst some don't.
    Also, please uninstall EVERY SINGLE version of the levels in GooTool.

    It contains:
    Lush Tower
    Honeybee Tower
    Citrus Tower
    Barbershop Tower
    Machine Tower
    Donut Tower

    My New Chapter

    My first Chapter!Laughing out loud (in Chapter 2 Big smile )

    If you find an error or something else, write it in the comments.Glasses

    Please rate!


    Mysterious Fuel Factory

    This is my first level pack, and now it's a NEW CHAPTER!(may become a new chapter)!
    Mysterious Fuel Factory-one factory of the ENS Factories!.
    That means this is a series about the ENS factories, and the factory(real name is the Ens Fuel Factory) is the one of all.


    Nature Worlds*
    Poster of Nature Worlds

    Mother Nature is counting on us

    Join Mother Nature as we are going to the wonderful worlds of nature. From woods, oceans, deserts, caves, there's plenty more to outcome. But be warn that many of the levels were challenging, and it needs a lot of logic for that.

    - 10 Breathtaking Levels in one chapter
    - Graphics made in GIMP
    - a blissful storyline about Mother Nature

    Road Trip

    Here is my third chapter! It took me a while to complete it, but I managed to get it done. It features levels in three different areas: the beach, the mountains, and the valley. There is a road passing through each of them. Most of the levels have backgrounds that were hand-drawn by myself. I'm not the best artist, but I did the best I could. Hope you like it!

    Oh, and if there's a problem you notice in the chapter, let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can fix it.

    Levels in this chapter:

    A Spikey Beginning
    Firey Day
    Poisonous Water
    Through the Mountains

    SlipKnoT IX

    SlipKnoT IX is my ninth chapter. This is the first double-chapter. The 2 parts are “Prelude 9.0” and “Adventure in Falls.” This chapter was created with “blood, sweat and tears” due to the different problems that I have encountered while the chapter was being created. It was processed from May-June 2015, a few days of September and the last week of October 2015. It became my fastest chapter to be downloaded in 2 weeks on November 22, 2015, beating several previous chapters on the downloads chart. It got #1 place on the downloads chart for 4 weeks.

    Tacomann13's View of the World of Goo demo
    TM13's View of the World of Goo

    Welcome to the other side of the world
    New species of goo are here
    new levels
    new animations
    and NEW IDEAS!

    have a look, and explore the amazingness


    This goomod NEEDS to be the ONLY goomod in your Gootool.

    and im serious

    Tacomann13 aka TM13

    pictures and idea by TM13
    2 levels: Spinning Cog and Black Gunge by Yourself
    the Maple, basic, balloonR and Rooty by TM13
    guess what, the sign painter is... TM13!, what a surprise

    The Adventure Of Ugly
    In the chapter...

    Long time no see, I was busy learnin' makin' the chapter, and i bring my 1st chapter back!
    This chapter is called "The Adventure Of Ugly", i made the story of one ugly, and it shouldn't be difficult.
    I overcame many difficulties, maybe they weren't hard to solve, but i tried my best. I spent lots of time makin' it, though the levels aren't many. wish you like it Smile.

    They Are The Levels

    • Make Ugly Adventure
    • Underground Subway
    • Continue To Go
    • Start To Fly
    • Please Enter The Password