The Metal Sandbox

Poster of The Metal SandboxAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 10/18/2010 - 01:25
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The Metal Sandbox is now bigger and better. There are new features in this sandbox:

Utilities Introduced in Version 1.9
1. Metal Detachers - the round shaped object at the bottom of the sandbox.
2. Metal Delete - the rectangle that looks like a trash can so you can put usless goo balls there.
3. Metal Non-Gravity- as for momo1526's Sandbox Goo Dispenser Level, it has unlimited gravity!

Utilities Introduced in Version 1.9.5
4. Metal Lever - like a server platform.
5. Metal Carrier - this utility holds blocks at its shelf.
6. Metal Accelerator - this utility will launch a goo upwards.
7. Metal Water - drain.
8. Metal Spike Group - only Asconta, Wayming, Fizus and Hanorra goos can get there.
9. Metal Tube - this utility is just a tunnel.
10. Metal Sun - attracts objects to there.

Utilities Introduced in Version 2.1
11. Metal Destroyer - destroys any dynamic objects in the way.
12. Metal Proof - useless but it only pours water.

The Balls were made by Microsoft PowerPoint's Auto Shapes.

At this point, no OCD, no pipe but endless and fun! You can use these balls to create your levels on your own.

Metal WoG

Types of Metal Balls
The Metal Goo Balls has their own names now.

Single Ability Balls
These balls have only 1 ability within its property.
1. Metallo (Brown) - attaches 2 strands, but it doesn't detach.
2. Akiru (Blue) - attaches 3 strands, detachable.
3. Evila (Red) - attaches 2 strands, it doesn't detach but it can ignite.
4. Asconta (Gray) - attaches 2 strands, it doesn't detach, immune to spikes.
5. Emut (Indigo) - launches but it doesn't attach.
6. Vagashan (Marigold) - attaches 2 strands, it doesn't detach, ignites faster

Combined Ability Balls
These balls combines 2-3 balls from the single ability balls.
1. Fierula (Purple) - attaches 3 strands. Akiru + Evila
2. Wayming (Yellow) - attaches 3 strands. Akiru + Asconta
3. Fizus (Orange) - attaches 2 strands. Evila + Asconta
4. Hanorra (Green) - attaches 3 strands. Akiru + Evila + Asconta
5. Itchigo (Pink) - launches but it doesn't attach. Evila + Emut

Upgrade Balls
These balls were the rarest ones in the sandbox.
1. Jeromon (White) - attaches 4 strands, detachable.
2. Exantion (Aqua) - attaches 3 strands, detachable and sticky.
3. Stacal (Lime) - attaches 4 strands, detachable, has a greater amount of mass.
4. Draigar (Black) - attaches 3 strands, detachable, ignites faster.


Clicking an Emut or Itchigo Goo can move anywhere but it back to launch. But if you put a indigo or pink goo to the structure, it can launch so fast like the speed of light!

Version 1.5
- first goomod release.

Version 1.6
- Edited all Goo Balls, added glow, splat image squished and strand became thinner.
- The Main Sandbox became Higher and changes for the level design.
- All balls in the sandbox has +3 balls, 10 all and 8 Basic.

Version 1.7
- Added new Goo Balls: MetalLauncher and MetalLauncherFuse.
- Edited The Main Sandbox.

Version 1.7.5
- Added Spanish Language
- Edited The 2 new Balls
- Added the launch sounds for MetalLauncher (so as MetalLauncherFuse as well)
That's why the Official Metal Levels crashed!

Version 1.8
- Location is now in the Old World of Goo Corporation
- Edited Balls: MetalDetach and MetalInvincibleDetach
- Added French, German and Italian Languages

Version 1.8.5
- Added more Basic Goo Balls
- Edited Balls: MetalFuseDetach and MetalInvincibleFuseDetach
- Camera Position moved up
- Music and Sound can now adjusted by the Volume Controller

Version 1.9
- New! Dispensers, now you can get more goo
WARNING: Don't over use them
- Added Dutch Language
- Placed 3 new Metal Utilities
- Signpost text is different
- Removed all thumbs.db files inside the goomod

Version 1.9.5
- The Main Sandbox is bigger and better
- Signpost is gone
- More New Utilities

Version 2.0
- Metal Sun repel works!
- Added a new Goo Ball: "MetalStrong"
- Added more particles

Version 2.0.5
- Added 2 new Goo Balls: "MetalFastFuse" and "MetalFastFuseDetach"
- Arranged the dispensers in order at the Dispenser Carrier

Version 2.1
- New Utilities
- Arranged the Dispensers in the main level
- Minor Dispenser is not limited to 4 goo dispensers
- Metal Sun Expands its repel
- Metal Carrier has 12 dynamic objects
- There are deployed goo balls in the main level
- Added more particle effects

Version 2.1.5 (Beta)
- Metal Goo Balls have particle effects on them
- Hinge at the Metal Lever adjusted

Version 2.2 (Gamma)
- Fixed some things
- Removed all the Thumbs.db files
- Typo Fixed: metal_blackn - metal_black

There are 12 screenshots.

Poster of The Metal Sandbox
Metallos and Akirus are building a tower together.
Now we build it high.
Exantions are very rare than Metallos.
Waymings, Ascontas, Fizuses and Hanorras.
Attraction to the Jeromons, Stacals and Draigars.
Evilas, Fierulas, and Vagashans are balancing.
Emuts and Ithcigos are constantly rare.
Burn baby burn!
Stacal and Jeromon tower!
The Metal Dispenser made since version 1.9.
Names of the Metal Balls according to its discovery.
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1.6AllTue, 03/30/2010 - 12:24MetalSandboxVersion1.6.goomod721.59 KB988
1.5AllTue, 03/16/2010 - 03:51Metal Sandbox.goomod535.51 KB1,062

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