Pixel Trouble

A Screenshot (so you know what the level looks like)Author: TheGooMasters
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Release date: 08/03/2010 - 02:11
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OH NO!! The Sign Painter's TV is broken and you need to get some pixels for him. You had better watch out because those gears are deadly. However, the sign painter is a couch potato so he cant help you. But you had better get those pixels since he is grumpy today and since he was just recently promoted to BOSS (or CEO or KING) of World of Goo Corp. he just might fire you if you dont help him (although he doesnt say it its true). OCD is 85 gooballs (TESTED OCD is possible) when you are given 100 to start out with. Note: There are NO secrets in this level so dont bother trying. Our (yes it is actually TWO people on one account) first level (so dont blame us if you think this level is lame although we think it is kinda funny). NOTE: We couldn't add fire because pixels die from fire too fast so it doesnt even spread.

There is 1 screenshot.

A Screenshot (so you know what the level looks like)
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