Little Inferno on Steam + New Gameplay Trailer!

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Tomorrow Corporation Blog Post

You can also pre-order on Steam now, on which it is currently 10% off AND gets you the open beta build!

Unfortunately the contents are still all packed into the .exe, but hopefully upon the official release the beta should be updated to a full, moddable version!

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Not to mention it's 10% off on Steam for prepurchases. Yay!

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I... just said that Tongue

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And they have a new trailer! Woo!

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...And I totally thought you had left that part out. Nevermind, then! Tongue

Oh, and davidc did mention something on IRC about the stuff being packed into the .exe:

<davidc> kyle says you can get them out with 7-zip
<davidc> i haven't succeeded yet
<davidc> i mean i can get some large chunks out but they are not pngs
<MOM4Evr> really? That's like the first thing I tried
<MOM4Evr> there's just this one big file thing. Maybe I should try again
<davidc> i got a few directories out, but the large file is still in 20480\1 - 172MB
<xanax`> is kyle ok if I reuse these images btw ?
<MOM4Evr> yeah, that's all I got either. Maybe try to extract that...? Hmm
<MOM4Evr> no-go on opening that as an archive. Hermph
<xanax`> what about this kind of software ?
<xanax`> "extraction of encrypted/packed resources of executable or DLL file"
<davidc> i tried that one first i tthink
<xanax`> oh ok
<MOM4Evr> yeah, not showing anything else for me either

Still a no-go, but hopefully davidc (or someone) will be able to nag them properly to figure out what format everything is in, and how to get at it.

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woooo....!!!! I'm so burned up inside Big smile

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