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Albino Pokey wrote:
Howitz, it's like the "blend mode" on a layer in Photoshop. YOu know how you could take a color layer, set it to "Multiply", and have it colorize the stuff underneath; or how you could use Screen or Difference or SoftLight or any of the others? I was wondering if we could implement that into the game. LinearDodge (Add) especially would be important, for lighting.


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Maybe. I'll have to look into it, but I think it's just a matter of setting a transparency key on the images, and drawing a color to replace it (instead of transparency) accordingly.

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Just added a bit to the story, I'm pretty much up to the bit where the "main goal" is introduced, so we should maybe decide on that soon. However I can still work a little further on it for now, since I'm just doing a rough outline.

By the way, I'm wondering, should I make a rough map anytime soon? If so, how will it be arranged/displayed/drawn, since our game is side-scrolling?

Oh, and when we get to the stage , I wouldn't mind writing the dialog for both main and on-the-side NPCs.

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