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Wow, I have alot of trouble with this game
Basiclly, gootool isnt updating my profile. NOT uploading, updating, so it still says the last level I played was burning man and that I dont have a tower. Any help?

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oh yeah, the profiles don't work, i think. sorry about that.


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No, that would only be for uploading.

Can you check where GooTool is looking at your profile? It might have an old version.

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Indeed, what AP said. If WoG itself is still recognising which levels you've completed, GooTool is probably looking at the wrong profile.

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OK, maybe it was because of when I fixed wog. I will reinstall Gootool and try again

Yamaco! - Every Gooball ever
Computer! Y U get virus?

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Well that wouldn't work - I've tried it plenty of times and... Still the same so you should ask guys how to fix your gootool...

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GooTool works fine for me, his problems are likely derived from a user-born problem.