Addins not showing up in WOG

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If an addin wont show up in Chapter 1, far top left, post here! Smile But Sad for me I have that problem.

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It keeps happening. -_-

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Make sure you click "Save and Launch" in gootool.

Crazeh man!

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I need help. (Smile

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Did you take a look at my reply to your question here?

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RUN FROM GOOTOOLS SAVE AND LAUNCH!!!From your stupidity i suggest to install them before trying to play them. Smile

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im having the exact same problem... im running gootool on a mac... and i installed the mods/levels... clicked save.. clicked save and launch... just save and then launched the game seperately.. also tried launching the custom world of goo.. nothing helps... just cant see the levels.. Sad

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go into gootool.
install mods.
save and lanch.
WoG should load. if not....
is gootool pointed to WoG install folder (not shortcut).

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yes it is... i also noticed that if i only install sandbox, i can see it in on the top left... i also have the levels experimental levels project and farlands... even if i only install one of these 2, it still does not show... and if i install sandbox and one more of the other 2.. again none are seen... so basically... sandbox is seen only if thats the only level installed..

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Make sure you have WOG Patch installed correctly!

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i have this same problem and I am using the mac steam version of world of goo and I believe I installed the latest ( gootool i have installed 1 addon (The other side of the Dispencer) i have checked the topleft corner of world 1 and i see nothing there is there any reason for this and i have tryed other addons but none seem to work.I have tryed to launch the game seporately and from gootool

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Steam versions of WoG does not work properly with GooTool because they can't be launched directly. Of course, I'm not sure how Steam on Mac handles everything. Chances are that it launches the original WoG instead of the modded version.

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Mac Steam version is not something that's been tested. Can you e-mail me a diagnostic report (from the Help menu)? davidc at this domain.