Lets say thanks to Davidc!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, So because of Davidc we have the Gootool so now its time to say thank you to him for all his hard work!! so thats why we have to have 200 replies for him to feel special to plzzzz reply!!!!!

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I'll second the thanks.

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Fourth thanks!

Crazeh man!

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//and still waiting for new version of gootool Laughing out loud

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Thanks davidc, gootool is awsome Smile

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Yeah! Thanks very much! Without Gootool WoG just wouldn't be the same...

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Definitely! Many thanks and keep up the good work.

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gootool makes it so there is often something new! thianks!

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Not to mention we wouldn't even have this site without davidc. Thanks, man!

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Much thanks.

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Thanks Smile !

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Thanks for the awesome tool, keep up the great work. Laughing out loud

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Thanks a million =D

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thanks for your hard work, goo tool is decent!

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Sixteenth! lol

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Woo! Keep moving forward Mr. Croft! LOL you are the best person ever!

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Allow me to tally up a post of thanks!
Things have really been popping in my brain (I think it's called 'knowledge') because of all the hard work you have put into this.

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Thanks for everything!!!!

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twenty oneth... er first