Is using a different mouse cheating? Discuss the validity of new records here!

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Since the New Records thread has had a lot of discussion about the validity of said new records, discuss here! Where we left off:

Peter B wrote:
Banned it is then.

I won't say anything. Just wait and see.

More suspicious behaviour! I think that's the final nail in the coffin for you. The whole way you've acted has been strange - from you not cooperating with anyone, to that supposed proof vid where you deliberately cut off the bottom of the screen. And why would you add classical music to the Water Lock OCD vid! You're clearly just messing around.
I simply do not trust you at all now, so I'm not going to accept any of your records or scores as being legit.
From what I've seen, you could've been a really good player, but you've completely messed up any chance of that. To think, all this could've been avoided if you'd just come clean about the clicker when I first asked.

@Rainbow; can you ask lkj how early he clicked the handle. Was it right at the top.


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If the mouse is used by only few people, it'll be cheating, IMO. I think everyone should beat the records with a general mouse most of the people use.

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My Gom wrote:
dengshouhao wrote:
The BGM in WL OCD is classical music?

The Chinese means "I think that's because I was playing the other musics as I was playing the game."

(posted here, as these comments were deleted from the other topic)

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I agree with My Gom. Most of us don't use a special mouse. It's not fair to allow him using that, IMO.

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The subject of his mouse is done with now. Early bar clicking isn't allowed.

@Life-Water-Rainbow; did you ask lkj then?

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What mouse? How can there be a special one? Aren't standard ones the most easiest ones that can possibly be used?

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Wikigoo: From what I can gather (I may or may not be correct on this), he's using a mouse like one of the ones here that only has one mouse button, which makes it easier to click the "continue" handle very quickly. While this was at one point indeed a standard for Apple computers, a one-button mouse is hardly normal anymore and could potentially be unfair, because you can use any finger to click, rather than just your index/middle finger.

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Peter B wrote:
@Life-Water-Rainbow; did you ask lkj then?

Oh yes, he said that he clicked the continue at the middle of the line which continue usually falls down along.

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