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So we've now got 2 versions of the Linux Binary version of WoG Editor / WooGLE...
The first (v0.70 beta) by 0pac - here
and an updated version (v0.72) by Nicosmos - here

BUT... we're not getting ANY feedback on them.
I'm not so much talking about the functionality and features of the program itself..
more like ... do the binaries work? At all?

Since we're not hearing anything, we're just assuming that it's all working fine for everyone, first time, on every platform...

Please let us know, if that is the case... or not.

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It's working for me.

But I prefer execute WoG Editor from the sources : transform a Python code in an Windows executable, it's usefull, because packages doesn't exists on Windows and installing the dependencies is boring. But an executable for Linux, it's a little useless : "sudo apt-get install python-qt4" and we can execute directly wogeditor.py... And the Linux binaries are less frequently updated than the source.

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Indeed, an executable isn't needed but is really nicer and easier to use for most people. Download and launch, it works.

One the contrary, saying « Open a terminal and install "sudo apt-get install python-qt4", type your password. Once finished, launch the editor with "cd /Path/To/The/Editor/src" then "python wogeditor.py" and don't close the terminal. » (or similar) can frighten a lot of final users, even if it works fine too. Smile

I will test to try the build on other computers, though I think there isn't any reason that it wouldn't be working.

And the Linux binaries are less frequently updated than the source.

In view of the fact that the build is very easy to do (less than 1 minute of "work"), I think we can easily maintain a native Linux version of the editor. Wink

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Ok Smile .

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You don't updated the Linux version on the downloads section on the Wogfans page ?

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Yeah... several problems...
20Mb file limit on goofans...
I have new laptop and didn't have anything that could handle gz to cut it down.
I do now... but I'm about to release v0.73... so...

Here's what I'm thinking...
I'll release v0.73... "someone" build the binaries and we'll make 2 files for linux

One for WooGLE with files.xml.bin and various text files and README
One for wogfile and scan utils

Nicosmos has posted better / easier ways to handle the pyinstaller build... and you've suggested the easy way to run from source...

If someone / both of you.. could rewrite the README_linux files from the source download and post the result ... I'll include that in next source release.

Sound good?

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Daft as Brush wrote:
If someone / both of you.. could rewrite the README_linux files from the source download and post the result ...

The source archive wrote:
* Overview:

Three command-line tools are provided:
wogfile: can pack/unpack a .bin from/to an .xml file.
scanbinfile: convert all .bin file found in a directory into .xml in a target directory
scanxmlfile: help understanding the structure and meaning of .xml by scanning through many at once.

In addition to that, a GUI editor that provides only provides basic level edition:

Help for the editor is available on the home page. Refere to contact information below or about dialog.

It is an early release, makes sure to watch out for error in the console window.

- you need to install all packages listed in 3RD_PARTY_linux (you can find it in the source package)

* Preparing pyinstaller-1.4 and source code

- Make sure you work on an ext2/ext3/ext4 hard drive
- extract the content of pyinstaller-1.4.tar.bz2 to a folder of your choice
- copy the content from the src folder of wogeditor to the folder with pyinstaller-1.4
- Configure pyinstaller and bootloaders as described in the manual in the doc directory of pyinstaller [VERY IMPORTANT !!!]

* Generating the executables from the source:

NOTE: I've used Bash ! You can use other shells or python interpreter , sure Wink
- execute in Terminal:

cd /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4 ## That is your working directory

##For scanxmlfile binary:

python Makespec.py -F scanxmlfile.py

sudo python Build.py /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/scanxmlfile/scanxmlfile.spec

==> Binary appears in /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/scanxmlfile/dist

##For scanbinfile binary:

python Makespec.py -F scanbinfile.py

sudo python Build.py /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/scanbinfile/scanbinfile.spec

==> Binary appears in /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/scanbinfile/dist

##For wogfile binary:

python Makespec.py -F wogfile.py

sudo python Build.py /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/wogfile/wogfile.spec

==> Binary appears in /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/wogfile/dist

##For wogeditor binary:

python Makespec.py -F wogeditor.py

sudo python Build.py /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/wogeditor/wogeditor.spec

==> Binary appears in /PATH/pyinstaller-1.4/wogeditor/dist

* Completing binary folder

- To finish the whole thing, you need the files.xml.bin, you can find it in the src folder or create it yourself
using scanxmlfile or GooTool (Advanced --> Encrypt --> Encrypt .bin file (Windows/ Linux)) with files.xml.xml in the src folder.
- Copy all compiled binaries from the dist folders and files.xml.bin to a folder of your choice.

* Running your binaries on another system

- To run your created files on another system, copy them on the system and open the binary folder in terminal there.
- Then type chmod +x filename1 filename2 [...]
- now they're executable

* Licensing

The projects are under the GPLv3 licensing. See the file COPYING.

* Contact Information

Sourceforge project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wogedit
Homepage: http://apps.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/wogedit/

wogeditor-0.6+ by Daft as Brush

early linux port by 0pac

(It's that you want ?)

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Sort of...
Don't worry about the overview section or the licensing / contact section.
but I was hoping for a real "Beginners Guide"...

To run from source (simplest way possible..without worrying about pyinstaller?)
{Do This}

To make WooGLE binary
{Do This}

If you want the util binaries
{Do This}

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I misunderstood your previous message, I copy-pasted the content of the file "README_linux" from the source of the 0.72 Big smile .

For the method to run from the source, can you add this line at the start of the wogeditor.py, please :

#!/usr/bin/env python

It reports to the Linux systems that it's an executable file, and is ignored by the other systems.

After, I could write a simpler method Smile .

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Done! Wink

Have you found anything else that would make it "linux-friendlier"?

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No Smile .

Here's instructions to run easily WooGLE on Linux from the sources :

- Check that you have installed PyQt (on Ubuntu, the package is python-qt4).
- Go in the "src" folder in the sources, and in the proprieties of "wogeditor.py", go in the "Permissions" tab and check "Allow executing file as program".
- Now, you simply have to double-click on "wogeditor.py" to launch WooGLE Smile .

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Lineplus wrote:
No Smile
Sweet! Wink

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OK, new source is uploaded... (and Windows Exe versions)
Someone post a link to the binaries, once they're built... and I'll add them too.

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I did a little mistake Shock .

The line for Linux is:

EDIT : But do not update now... Here's also an encoding error. I study this...

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Binaries done. Uploading (low connexion)...

And we could edit the build instructions in order to add these improvements (I may have the time next week).

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Finally, you can remove the line at the beginning of the program, you must use an other solution (sorry Puzzled )...

It should simply that you add this file to the root of the archive (not in /src): http://dl.free.fr/g5ujbEQfr .

Here's the adapted README_linux :

- Check that you have installed PyQt (on Ubuntu, the package is python-qt4).
- In the proprieties of "launch.sh", in the "Permissions" tab, check "Allow executing file as program".
- Now, you simply have to double-click on "launch.sh" to launch WooGLE Smile .

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Upload finished: http://www.probablement.net/vrac/wog/editor/ (without tools, only the editor, not enough good connexion to upload all today). I hope the file is not corrupted (the size online is the same than the original but I think there ma have been an error at the end of the upload. Sad


Ah tiens, free.fr Wink

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Are you sure this time!? Wink

Thanks!... was slow to download too... Puzzled
but 7zip reported no problems or checksum issues unpacking it, so looks like uploaded OK. Smile

Re: Build Instructions.... sure!
It might be better if you add the complete "new" instructions to the 3rd_party_linux file instead... then all the build requirements and other info is in one place.

Whenever you get a chance... just post a link, and I'll re-upload the src with the new instructions.

Thanks again guys! Smile

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Daft as Brush wrote:
Are you sure this time!? Wink

Yes, tested and approved Wink .
Nicosmos wrote:
Ah tiens, free.fr Wink

Exact (en parlant de trucs en français, j'ai fait un tuto sur WooGLE pour le Site du Zéro, il est en cours de validation) Wink .

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I created a .deb package, to install easily WooGLE in Ubuntu or Debian ! http://dl.free.fr/p8qmDk3sY

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j'ai fait un tuto sur WooGLE pour le Site du Zéro, il est en cours de validation

Bonne idée Smile

I created a .deb package, to install easily WooGLE in Ubuntu or Debian

Good idea Smile

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Lineplus wrote:
I created a .deb package

Thanks! Smile
One thing though... it seems to list gootool as a dependancy... but it's not.
Shouldn't be a big problem though, since most people will have gootool anyway.

Can someone check it works, and post back pls... then I'll put it on the WooGLE page.

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Daft as Brush wrote:
One thing though... it seems to list gootool as a dependancy... but it's not.

Ok, I fixed this (I modified the link to the .deb in my previous message) Smile .

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In the 'Name' field of woogle.desktop, “World of Goo Level Editor” could be nicer than “WooGLE”. It will allow to have “World of Goo” in the Games menu and, just below, “World of Goo Level Editor” Smile

And this icon is larger than the one in /usr/share/pixmaps : http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/5329/wogedit.png

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Thank you, it's fixed Smile .

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there is an larger icon than that one:

it is the original icon that i made and it has a 256x256 image in it for windows vista and 7

@DaB, why is this large version not in the windows version of woogle? does python not support icons that big?

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I don't think python has any problem with it, it just seemed "wrong" to TRIPLE the size of the exe file just to add an icon. And who uses 256x256 anyway.

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i dont know about anyone else, but i have set my desktop to display 256x256 icons. they look SO much nicer than really tiny ones

and the exe is already tiny, tripling its size wont make much of a difference for most people

but if you think that no one else will use the huge icons then just leave it. i already resource hacked the large icon back into my woogle Tongue

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Wow, I already had to get used to those "huge" 48x48 icons in Win7... I am now (and yes, they look nice), but 256x256? You only get 28 icons on a full HD desktop with that. Shock

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i know, they look so... amazing Big smile

and even though i dont have room for all my icons, i stick the ones that i rarely use in my rocketdock

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I happen to like 256x256. Smile
Anyway, Woogle page isn't letting me add comments (might be my dialup internet), but I thought of a couple things for 0.72+...
*I tested radialforcefields with geomoly=true and it didn't seem to work. Could you test this, DaB, and see if it works for you? For me, the force field affected gooballs, too. If it isn't working, this tag should be taken out in Woogle.
*camera poi-to-poi lines weren't being drawn right in 0.72, it might have been the distance apart the pois were...
If you could look into these things, that would be great.